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  1. nkdublu

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    This was my Christmas present to me :-) It still holds almost everything that I use perfectly :-)
  2. nkdublu

    Spotters Thread - A4/S4 B9 Chassis

    I wonder if the owner was a member here?
  3. nkdublu

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is a good one for everybody.
  4. nkdublu

    Light reflections from dash

    yep, business as usual, ie I will have forgotten about it and thus for the most part wont be seeing it.
  5. nkdublu

    Light reflections from dash

    The refection is really annoying but it is only visible because I have read this damn thread. It is one of those things, a bit like a dirt mark on the windscreen, once you notice it, it bugs the crap out of you but in reality you aren't looking at it, you are looking past it and it only annoys...
  6. nkdublu

    Light reflections from dash

    I wish I hadn't read this thread as I have noticed this on my car now! That said as I drove over 100 miles last night and the reflection wasn't always there. I'm travelling reasonable distances every night this week so I will try and observe when it appears and when it doesn't. It may be...
  7. nkdublu

    Parking Brake with Hill Hold...

    I have a manual TDI with hill hold assist and Im fairly sure the parking symbol changes from red (with the "hand" brake applied) and stop/start in effect (ie the engine has cut out) to green when I put my foot down on the clutch in anticipation of putting her into gear to pull away. I would...
  8. nkdublu

    New to Audi from tomorrow...

    Now that's a much nicer colour :-) LOL
  9. nkdublu

    New to Audi from tomorrow...

    Personally, I dont like the colour but each to their own I suppose! ;-)
  10. nkdublu

    Almost Ready to Order....

    Just thinking out loud, can you not buy in the UK and pay the tax to bring it into Ireland? Assuming you can, does that move the goalposts in terms of what spec you can or cant afford?
  11. nkdublu

    190 vs 150 diesel?

    I had a 24 hour test drive of the 150bhp and it felt absolutely fine but in the scheme of things the extra for the 190bhp was negligible so bought the 190bhp. The difference is noticeable but ultimately I think it does the same job just with more of a grin on your face!
  12. nkdublu

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    I like reading this thread: I know I am not alone, further more, there are others who have it worse than me Thanks everyone :-)
  13. nkdublu

    Can someone share A4 Avant interior photos with/without sunroof

    Seeing it on the computer rather than on the phone confirms my suspicions that the photo does it no favours whatsoever. So to re-iterate what I said earlier, in so much as I had the same concerns about it being too dark but it is not something that I have noticed since picking the car up over a...
  14. nkdublu

    Can someone share A4 Avant interior photos with/without sunroof

    I'm not sure this is going to show it (no sunroof) in good light - no pun intended -
  15. nkdublu

    Can someone share A4 Avant interior photos with/without sunroof

    @Brasso I will get some interior photos without a sun roof uploaded later today for you ... After I placed my order, I was wondering if I should have gone with the sunroof given the dark interior cloth trim together with piano black .. I never got the chance as it went into build well ahead of...
  16. nkdublu

    After the Two Buckets and the Drying ...

    In the end I went with C2V3 - tried it out on my missus car first before using it on mine and I am pleased with the result :-) Thanks @Bristle Hound and all
  17. nkdublu

    poor snow foam

    I have been following this thread and had an autobrite lance delivered last week. Likewise the foam produced is a vast improvement over the karcher one. I think I used much more of the W4 Snow Foam but it was only my first attempt with it and maybe I got a little bit over excited :-)
  18. nkdublu

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    As I recall, the build process was remarkably quick, whilst the transport to the UK felt frustratingly slow!
  19. nkdublu

    Audi Connect monthly cost after 3 month trial...Any ideas?

    Note to self. When my trial runs out, if Gerald answers the Audi chat, close the window and try again later !
  20. nkdublu

    B9 S4 or S6

    I considered the A6 Avant as well as the A4, much in the same way I considered a 5 series because of the discounts on offer (And the standard trim levels of the larger cars). For me it came down to the fact that my previous car, an X-Type estate, which I purchased "nearly new" was in actual...