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  1. bobinder

    Audi Sound System - lack of bass

    Have maxed the Bass and Treble on the Sound settings as on all previous cars to provide a fuller sound - but the Audi Sound System (***) :blink: doesn't seem to give the same richness in sound that my bog standard A3 SE had. Any recommendations, or do the speakers need 'bedding in'?
  2. bobinder

    Audi A4/S4 Modification help

    Just seen a video on Youtube for an S4 which has had modified carbon spoiler/sides and front splitter fitted. These look to be ECS Tuning - but does anyone have any other ideas from where these maybe sourced from? Just looking at various options while waiting for my A4 S-line to land. :)
  3. bobinder

    Condensated windows

    Anyone have any quick clear remedies to clear the windscreen of condensation? Every morning I have to sit in the car with the heater on at full blast for 5 minutes before driving off. Does anyone know if there is a non-oil based spray that can be applied so the condensation doesn't build up in...
  4. bobinder

    6-speed gearbox gearshifting

    Hi All, This is my first 6-speed gearbox car so have the following question: What are the most fuel efficient speeds to shift into gears on a 6 speed diesel gearbox? 1st gear - 2nd gear - 3rd gear - 4th gear - 5th gear - 6th gear - Thanks
  5. bobinder

    Android AMI Cable

    Hi All, Is it worth purchasing an AMI cable? Does it charge Android phones? Also where is the cheapest/most reliable place to buy one from? Thanks
  6. bobinder

    A3 Rotors for 8V

    Has anyone any advice on buying aftermarket rotors? The official Audi ones are very expensive, but I have seen ones made by WSP Italy which look identical minus the Audi badge. WSP ITALY Giasone - W567 Matt Gunmetal Polished Wheels | WSP ITALY Giasone - W567 Matt Gunmetal Polished Alloys |...
  7. bobinder

    A3 5-arm Dynamic alloys

    Anyone have a picture of these on SE suspension? Not many posters seemed to have specced this option, just wondering if i've made the right choice.
  8. bobinder

    Manual Air Conditioning

    Does anyone know if the Manual Air Conditioning gives you heated front and rear windows or is that only on Climate Control?
  9. bobinder

    Sheffield Audi

    I've ordered my car with Sheffield through a company car scheme. Anyone have any experiences of their service level and what freebies they throw in? Thanks,
  10. bobinder

    Audi Apps

    Hi Guys, Which mobile phone apps can people recommend for the A3? Just had a look at Audi eKurzinfo which gives you an augmented reality view of your car and engine. More info Audi's eKurzinfo app uses augmented reality to sidestep A3 owner's manual Any other recommendations?
  11. bobinder

    Company Car question

    Do Audi treat you with the same fanfare and sheet unveiling of the car if you purchase the car as a company car, or is this just for private customers? :)
  12. bobinder

    Audi Privacy Glass

    Is it possible for Audi to retrofit this? I'm expecting my new car next month and don't want to delay receiving the car so wondered if retrofitting is an option and if so how much?
  13. bobinder

    Deep Dish Alloys on 8V A3

    Which set of alloys look best on the new A3? I've gone for the standard 18" as below: But love the deep dish look as below: Anyone have any examples of A3 8v with Deep Dish Alloys?
  14. bobinder

    New A3 ordered - SE Question

    Hi guys, First time posting a new thread in these forums. I've ordered an A3 SE Sportback in Amalfi White with 18" 5-arm dynamic alloy wheels. I'm just a bit concerned that without the Sports or S-line suspension the car may look too high on bigger alloys. Ideally I want to go for these alloys...