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    Drivers door seals

    does anyone find the door seals are noisy on their A4? Like a creaky noise like the door is moving on the seals as you go over uneven roads?
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    S4 brake pedal clunk

    Hi all, Not posted on here for a few years as have been in the bmw camp but have just (yesterday) taken delivery of a new S4. I’ve noticed at distinct clunk from the brake pedal that I can actually feel all through the steering column - it feels awful and not confidence inspiring st all. At...
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    The end

    Well i'm afraid i'm leaving the fold (for the time being) and have been tempted over to the dark side (BMW) as have the opportunity to get a car I have always wanted but never thought i could ever afford. I have sold my car for good money and goes tomorrow, which if i am honest i am quite sad...
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    Folding mirror problems

    Hi, can anyone give me any help on this. My drivers side mirror doesn't always fold out with the passenger one. This has been going on for a while and started as just happening once in a while - its getting more frequent now though. If i wind the window down and tap the mirror with my hand...
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    Steering problem - anyone familiar?

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? Every so often (usually when car been left stood for a day or so) when i first start up and turn the steering wheel i feel a slight clunk from it - but only once. After that it is smooth and normal from lock to lock. Only a minor thing but only started...
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    B-pillar rattle

    I've got an annoying rattle coming from my drivers B-pillar (seatbelt exit area) - its very light 'ticking' kind of sound - driving me mad as its location means its basically right near my ear!!! Anybody had similar or knows what it is likely to be (don't know what parts/items are fixed...
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    170 TDI cambelt prices?

    Gotta have my cambelt changed shortly My normal dealer (supplying dealer) is quoting me £574 all in (cambelt, aux belt, water pump) which seems a bit steep to me. Got quote from vw dealer next door £440. What would be a good acceptable price?
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    Coolant error

    This morning when i started my car, i got the red coolant error come in in my DIS. I immediately stopped and physically checked the coolant level under the bonnet and the level was where it should be. The error had cleared by the tie i had closed the bonnet and got back into the car. Any...
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    Recommend car polishing/detailing services

    My car is coming up to 5 years old and i think it's time to give it a treat and pay for a professional paint correction/polishing service. Paintwork is in very good condition but has the usual slight surface markings/swirls etc etc which are inevitable during daily use and frequent washes...
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    Heater fan 'ticking' noise

    Hi i noticed a ticking noise coming from the passenger side of the car somewhere in the dash. If i increase the heater fan speed the ticking noise goes faster - presumably this means the fan is making this noise. Is this an indication the fan is wearing out or faulty - or could it just be a bit...
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    ESP fault poll

    Just trying to gather some data about this supposed 'intended characteristic', as audi have told me. Does your 06/07 A3 give you a regular brief 'ESP fault see handbook' warning message on the dash upon startup, which then immediately disappears leaving no warning lights lit?
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    Door card replacement

    Hi - anyone had experience of having a door card replaced with a new part (after a third party supplier, eg glass replacement company damage it getting it off). What do they do about the inset piece of trim (the bit that matches your interior - ie if you have grey leather it is covered in the...
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    Comfort closing windows stopped working

    My comfort closing function has stopped working (where you hold either lock or unlock on keyfob and windows close or open) My battery was recently disconnected at the audi garage recently for some work - could this be connected? What else would cause this function to suddenly stop working...
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    Electric folding mirror problem

    Does anybody know if the electric folding mirrors have some form of failsafe mechanism in them to prevent damage if they are forced inwards, ie by hitting something? Reason i ask is i had an unfortunate coming together with a pigeon last night - ****** thing flew straight at my car - hit...
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    ESP Fault please see owners manual

    Just had this come up this morning in my TDI 170 - anyone know what the fault is likely to be and how much it is going to cost? Or is one of those where it could be anything? Thanks
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    Pics of rear under wheels

    Odd request: Don't suppose anybody has handy any pictures of the section under the rear wheels where the wheel lining fixes to the back bumper trailing edge? Or if not would anyone be able to take one? Just for comparison purposes - had some work done and just want to check something. Ideally...
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    Headlight washer problem (07)

    Defrosting my car this morning, and I noticed my washer jet covers (have bi-xenons) were sticking out of the bumper a bit and also the plastic painted part is loose and wobbly (but not fully detached) - only just noticed today and strangely both sides are similar although one side worse than...
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    Old style s-line wheels painted in Titanium - will it work on a dolphin Grey A3?

    Taking my car in shortly to have the grill replaced (had a bit of a bump and cracked it). So i'm debating on giving the car a bit of a spruce up - black grill, and having wheels repainted darker - same as the titanium wheels from black edition A3s (i love those wheels!) - only think i'm not sure...
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    Tweeter (BOSE)

    I had the A pillar trim swapped a while ago by the dealer when my car was in warranty because it made noises sometimes (annoyance noises) and i've been convinced ever since that the tweeter is no longer working - is there a really simple way to check? I've tried fading the music to the front...
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    How much for new grill

    Just come home from work and had a minor bump on way - luckily no paint damage - just damaged the plastic grey centre grill. Anyone know how expensive this is to replace from experience - presumably it all comes as one piece - centre bit with audi rings and the chrome surround? Is this a...