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  1. beachbuggy

    Rs6 turbo fabrication

    Turbine housings bolt to manifolds DP flanges need changing 1 housings needs the actuator arm moving Compressor housings need to be cut and shut to match rs4 or use a set of rs4 ones. Actuators needed as well ( to a certain point) Mainly labour to convert and really do well with an upgrade...
  2. beachbuggy

    S4 Exhaust / manifold

    I have a new 3mm thick s4/rs4 manifolds.. Going to be tested but unlike the ebay ones these are properly thick and tubular more akin to the relentless v4 stature than the old v1/v2 which the current ebay ones resemble.
  3. beachbuggy

    Ko4 real or fake

    I would you suggest you find out if they build the turbos in house or buy them made up.. Its a big difference. From experience I wouldn't trust any turbo that was balanced and assembled in china. They do not go through the same quality controls. You buy a turbo from a company and you want to...
  4. beachbuggy

    Ko4 real or fake

    The majority of parts people fit to their engines are non genuine copied parts , so to think or say a turbo is any different it quite amusing.. Downpipes, intercoolers, valve springs, exhaust manifolds, pipework etc etc are all used and in majority of cases better than the originals. Just...
  5. beachbuggy

    TQS progress thread, From STD-Scroll-Eliminator.

    Who said eliminators don't work.. looks very impressive so far.. Nice work..
  6. beachbuggy

    New Intercooler

    Me ?? You haven't messages me..
  7. beachbuggy

    How do you turn engine the over without starting it..stood for the last 18 months

    if you don't want to start it just pull the fuel pump fuse. turn over for as long as you can before the battery goes flat. put the fuse back and start
  8. beachbuggy

    loss of power 2.5 tdi quattro

    Almost guarentee vanes on the turbo have seized due to carbon build up. Common issue, had in on my current 2.5 quattro. Very easy to diagnose. Remove engine cover and the heat shield from the turbo. Get someone to start the car, while you watch the actuator rod, as the car starts you should...
  9. beachbuggy

    Why can't I sell my A4 Quattro??

    Yes cambelt was done at 80K so not really an issue. . New turbo, wheel bearings brakes all round so it's pretty square on the mechanics. Probably going to drop to 3k. Personally I think its a hell of a lot of motor for the money! But then I'm biased.
  10. beachbuggy

    Why can't I sell my A4 Quattro??

    How many 01/02 quattro A4's are there with less than 100k for £3.5k ???
  11. beachbuggy

    Why can't I sell my A4 Quattro??

    The problem I found when trying to price it was that there wasn't that many around. The only others I found where 180,000miles + pretty average condition and still selling for about £1750. Then you look at the A4 2.5 Avants and they are all advertised for around the £4k mark, but then an engine...
  12. beachbuggy

    Why can't I sell my A4 Quattro??

    So I have had my A4 2.5 v6 quattro up for sale for over a month now and not even a sniff!! It's a V reg on 90k miles. 11 months Mot. Immaculate condition and I mean spotless inside and out. Votex body kit. I've got it up for £3250 and think that's a fair price. Are these cars not that...
  13. beachbuggy

    ABS Bleeding.

    Hi I've bleed a few cars using the ABS bleed function on VAGcom and can assure you it is as easy as it looks! Once you're into the right menu, it gives you instructions which you simply follow. It is best doing it with 2 people as one has to press the enter key on the laptop while the other...
  14. beachbuggy

    gearbox noise on 2.5Tdi V6 1999

    Are you sure it's the gearbox, the wheel bearing do go on these. Does it get quiter when you go round a corner? ie if you go round a right hand bend, the weight will come off the right side and the noise will soften, obviously vice versa on the left. If it does then it's the bearing.
  15. beachbuggy

    A4 Quattro 1999 Hub Nut removal

    Hi, its a 99 v Reg. I bought a 17 mm hex socket and it did the trick fine. Doubt anythings been changed on this car as its a low mileage 1 owner car. Same disk and pads which is where the problem lay. All the hex bolts on the rear had seized and I ended up removing the hub to get the bolts out...
  16. beachbuggy

    A4 Quattro 1999 Hub Nut removal

    cheers. Will get one and try it out. :salute:
  17. beachbuggy

    A4 Quattro 1999 Hub Nut removal

    Can anyone let me know what size the socket/Allen key is needed to remove the hub nut on the above car. Looking at it, it looks like a large allen key, but not sure if it's a special tool or something I can pick up from Halfords. many thanks
  18. beachbuggy

    A4 2.5TDI Quattro Turbo removal

    Cool. Thanks, did it this afternoon. Took me about 10 minutes to remove. So compared with the A3 it's a ****** doodle!!!:cool:
  19. beachbuggy

    A4 2.5TDI Quattro Turbo removal

    How hard is it? More so the location and getting access to it and the bolts rather than actually undoing of everything.