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  1. Alex Ward

    MFSW buttons not working but horn is!

    Morning guys. Drove the car yesterday and this morning, and have noticed my steering wheel controls for stereo volume etc are not working but the horn is!!! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Alex Ward

    Looking at an S4 Avant at 13.30! Any Pointers?

    Morning guys. Hope you’re all having a nice Sunday. As the title says, I’m going to look at a B5 S4 Avant at 13.30 today. It’s a 2000 X reg. 130k ish. FSH. Been doing my research and it seems the turbos could be a grey area.....!! Some go early, some still going way beyond 150k. Is there...
  3. Alex Ward

    Possible S4 Purchase.... Questions Questions....

    Evening folks Im usually lurking over on the B7 section as I have a Final Edition Cabby which I'm selling to fund a college course and an S4 (the V8 hankering is getting too much lol) Have a few questions for you B6 S4 owners...... There doesn't seem to be that many manuals out there. Whats the...
  4. Alex Ward

    Xenon Headlights Steamed Up

    Evening folks. As the title says, my factory xenon headlights are steamed up after using the car earlier!! I haven't used the car for a while as its my second car and my toy, so its a once a fortnight thing at the min. The passenger side one is worse with beads of condensation by the indicator...
  5. Alex Ward

    They’re in........

    after a very long hard days graft, the Recaro’s are in. They were an utter PITA to do but well worth the effort I reckon. They’re ****** comfortable and ****** supportive too. Absolutely in love with them! Flat bottom steering wheel next lol.
  6. Alex Ward

    They’ve finally arrived!!!!

    Well, after ordering them back in July, my Recaro Expert Seats have arrived! Been a long wait but well worth it. They’re absolutely stunning and I think they’ll look fab in my cabby. I’ve fitted the sliding rails to the seats (which I had to buy separately) this morning which might I add was...
  7. Alex Ward

    What time to arrive?

    Afternoon folks. Im bringing the other half and the sprogs in the cabby on Sunday and hoping to park by the stand. Just wondered what time is best to arrive? Im driving from Bedfordshire so I'm only an hour away? I don't want to be too early or too late lol. Cheers guys
  8. Alex Ward

    Correct Installation Of Clutch Switch

    Hey folks. It seems I've knackered my new clutch switch which came today, by installing it wrong!! Is there a method to doing this???? I keep reading conflicting things on the tinterweb! I've ordered ANOTHER new switch so I'd like to get the installation of the 2nd new clutch switch right this...
  9. Alex Ward

    B7 Armrest Lid

    evening all. My arm rest lid is knackered. The hinges have completely fallen to bits. I recently bought a genuine Audi iPhone cradle for my phone to go in the armrest. The base with the connectors was there but no cradle. Works a treat, so I don't want to change the whole thing! I've had my...
  10. Alex Ward

    Correct Coding For Activating B7 Cruise Control

    Evening folks. I've fitted the cruise control hardware bits to my B7 A4 cabby today. I've followed what I can find on the internet regarding vcds coding to activate the cruise, but it's not working. I've followed the how to that's a sticky on here, but it doesn't work. Can someone help...
  11. Alex Ward

    CC Retro Fit done, now got dash lights that VCDS won't clear.

    Hey folks. Did my cruise control retro fit today. I've plugged in my vcds but I can't clear the airbag light and the esp light won't go off! Even after a 10 mile drive the esp light hasn't gone off! Vcds won't clear the airbag light and I can't seem to get the cruise working via vcds. Im...
  12. Alex Ward

    187bhp and 362lbs/ft

    that's the figures my 2.0tdi cabby is now making! Not bad considering it was 141bhp when it left the factory. Car went into FlowDynamics yesterday in Milton Keynes. Had the cat gutted, egr deleted and a dyno'd custom remap. Already had the stainless cat back fitted and K&N panel filter. Car...
  13. Alex Ward

    Ejecting rns-e dvd help

    Evening guys. Don't suppose there's anyone near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire with vcds/vag com who can unlock my DVD drive on my RNS-E??? Want to get an updated disc but mines locked!!! Thanks.
  14. Alex Ward

    They're on!!!

    Brembos and 19" BBS CXR's are all finally fitted. Didn't lower the car in the end. Mainly due to funds. Main priority was the wheels and Brembos. I love the look now so I'm not too bothered about lowering it at the min. Next project is DPF removal, cat bypass and egr blanking. I Put 15mm...
  15. Alex Ward

    2.0tdi Decat and dpf removal benefits?

    Morning folks. I've recently fitted a K&N panel filter and had custom made cat back stainless exhaust fitted. I'm now wondering if I should get it de-catted or cat bypass (are they the same thing?) and maybe dpf removal and egr delete. These are things I have concerns about but am intrigued...
  16. Alex Ward

    Stainless Steel Exhaust Fitted Today

    Afternoon folks. Went to FlowDynamics today to have my custom made cat back exhaust done. Very very happy with the results. Went for an oem look. Nothing too in yer face lol. Didn't want huge sound (not that you'd get too much from a diesel) It's got a nicer tone to it now and what sounds like...
  17. Alex Ward

    Replacing RNS-E with Kenwood Kenwood DMX-7017DABX

    afternoon folks. I'm thinking of replacing my mk1 rns-e unit in my B7 Cabriolet with the a Kenwood double din apple car play unit. It's much more up to date. Bluetooth streaming and dab etc. My only concern is will my multi function display in between the speedo and rev counter still work...
  18. Alex Ward

    Car Christmas

    I'm like a little excited child!!! I now have in my possession my new wheels and tyres, Brembos, and new discs and pads. Just waiting for lowering springs, spacers and pad wear sensor cables. Can't fit much more in my hallway lol It'll all be on the car soon. Watch this space!!!! See below...
  19. Alex Ward

    Opinions on wheels

    Afternoon folks. I'm about to order some new rims for my black cabby. I'm so torn between 3. BBS CXR OZ Superturismo GT graphite Dotz Revvo Dark Going for this sort or colour as my rear valance is dark grey being a Final Edition model Cabriolet. Going for 19's by the way. What ones would...
  20. Alex Ward

    Boredom + smartphone = £££££'s

    kids were both asleep this afternoon and I was waiting for the football to come on, so I started looking at things on my 'car want list'......... ended up buying these!!! Always wanted some so I thought wtf you only live once! Dead excited.