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  1. rezulteo

    Will 255/35/19" rs4 or rs6 alloys fit my A4 Dtm

    What year is your car? Also what's the engine size? Need to know this to find the best results for you.
  2. rezulteo

    Staggered. Alloys. Tyre size

    Apologies. Made a slight error. Of course they are not a bad choice. My bad :/ Tyres would need to be different front and back for the sake of grip
  3. rezulteo

    Staggered. Alloys. Tyre size

    Just going back to the first question, staggered wheels for your vehicle don't seem like a good choice. However its completely up to you and yes you would need different sized tyres
  4. rezulteo

    New shoes

    What tyres did you go for pal ?
  5. rezulteo

    painted my wheels what ye think

    Nice, well done! Once you put them on, show us pics!
  6. rezulteo

    Tyre Size Advice Please

    Hi, I wouldn't advice to keep a staggered fitment for your car since your car might not perform as well. I would advice to get 235 40R18 95Y for all four tyres! Good luck
  7. rezulteo

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    lovely car! love the red seats
  8. rezulteo

    Vredestein - bargain

    Let us know how you find them!
  9. rezulteo

    my DTM 'build' - story so far, hybrid K04 - custom FMIC

    Really nice car and in great condition too
  10. rezulteo

    Winter wheels

    Very nice! Great idea to have safety and style now that the chill has set in!
  11. rezulteo

    Tyres for 2.0T Quattro

    It might be interesting to try out the new ContiSportContact 5's that have replaced the 3's you currently have. Heres an article you might find interesting: ContiSportContact 5: tests on Mini Cooper S JCW, BMW 135i and Audi TT RS, New tyres car tyres on rezulteo Happy driving! The rezulteo team
  12. rezulteo

    18" wheels & what size tyres

    As many others have already said, 235 40 R18 91 Y will be the right size to go for!
  13. rezulteo

    9" REAR tyres on Bentleys possible ??

    Hi, I can help with the tyre sizes. Still, could you let us know the year of your vehicle, and what's the current tyre size (including load and speed indexes)?
  14. rezulteo

    275/30/19 - will they fit

    Hi, For the Audi A4 2.0 TFSI 2004 - 2008, these are the "official" tyre sizes : - 215 55 R16 93Y - 235 45 R17 94Y - 235 40 R18 95Y Taking European law into account, the equivalent dimension 275/30/19 should be ok Hope this helps!
  15. rezulteo

    Alloy wheels yet again!

    Hi, Here's a list of all the tyre sizes that officially fit your vehicle. Follow this link I hope this helps you out :blackrs4:
  16. rezulteo

    Tyres for B7 2.0TFSI SE

    Hello, First of all, to find a retailer near manchester, you can follow this link to find the closest retailer Considering that your tyre size is 235 45 R17 94Y, there are several good tyre choices available, for less than your budget. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 You can find these from...
  17. rezulteo

    New tyres

  18. rezulteo

    DTM's on the bay

    Hello, There are all the tyre sizes that fit your vehicle : 255 35 R19 96 Y 245 40 R18 93 Y 245 40 R18 97 V (Winter dimensions) 245 45 R17 95 Y 225 50 R17 94 H (Winter dimensions) 225 50 R17 94 Y 225 55 R16 95 H (Winter dimensions) 225 55 R16 95 Y 225 55 R16 99 V (Winter dimensions) So...
  19. rezulteo

    Smallest wheel size on an 07 Avant?

    Hello, Is your car a quattro or not? Is it an estate or not? These factors could determine the smallest tyre size for your vehicle.
  20. rezulteo

    235/35/19 Tyre pressure?

    Hello, Could you tell me the speed index for your tyre. I may be able to give you an indication based on that.