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    MMI update, why does it take such a long, long time?

    Audi have told me my MMI can have a free firmware update to version 917 (it's not been done since new and I think its on version 130 or something); they also tell me that it will take around 3 hours, this seem very slow, what the heck are they doing, or is the data transfer just snail slow?
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    EBC Red Stuff dp32254c A4 Avant B9 2.0tdi

    So, garage fitted EBC Red Stuff dp32254c to the rear of my A4B9 2.0tdi, said that the pad wear connectors on them were different from standard. Can anyone shed some light on this please and what do I need to purchase to hook it up?
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    Rear Brake disc size

    I have a B9 (8W5) 2016 2.0Tdi 150 Avant and I need to replace the rear brake discs. What size are they since 2 sizes seem to come up on Euro Car Parts etc, which isn't very useful! You were able to find the size out from the product ID form, but this detail seems to have been omitted from B9...
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    Cam belt change 2.0tdi

    Why do Audi UK insist on changing cam belts at 80k or 5 years, when both the handbook and the MyAudi App states 133miles with no time interval. I'm sure we're the only country in Europe that has this difference.
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    Maximum bhp using standard kit

    But of a random question, anyone know what the actual maximum theoretical bhp could be from a 2ltr tdi 150 using standard gear ie max injection system capable of, turbo etc I know remaps usually get to around 190bhp but it's kind of a arbitrary figure tbh.
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    Brake rotor upsize

    My front brake rotors are 314mm, there doesn't seem to be a caliper part number difference between that and where a 318mm or 320mm are fitted. What dictates the rotor size for the A4 Avant since I can't see a separate brake carrier as on my previous cars? Ideally, I was thinking of picking up...
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    a4 b9 brake upgrade 314mm to 318mm

    What are the physical differences between 314mm brake system and the 318mm system other than the obvious brake disc diameter; or in another way , can you fit the 318 disc to a car that already has 314mm discs as standard?
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    Brakes upgrade 2.0 TDi 150 B9

    Can you put larger rotors on (345mm) if I attached the standard calipers with longer carriers to the hub?