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  1. 70AC

    Few RNS-E Questions

    You are right on all of the above. Just have to get used to it. Didn't take me too long. My tips: Get street names & house numbers rather than postcodes. Rip your CDs to mp3 & keep the filenames short. Sorted.
  2. 70AC

    Recommend me somewhere to get number plates made up..

    Thanks for the replies. I'm not sending my documents off - scan & email or offshore based only. There are loads up on eBay. Can anyone recommend a reliable seller? Cheers
  3. 70AC

    Recommend me somewhere to get number plates made up..

    My rear is looking a bit tusty :blink: Where do you get your plates made? I'm after a good quality plate, simple 3D or Carbon road legal font, black border. No badges or slogan. Ideally I'd like an option to buy just the rear plate. Good value price also appreciated. Many thanks
  4. 70AC

    Rear wiper delete

    Anyone got any more quality pics of this mod please? On a black A3 would be ideal thanks. My wiper is knackered (fluid leaking, lock & alarm probs) & trying to decide on getting it fixed or deleting.
  5. 70AC

    2.0 TDI cam belt change

    Stoke & Stafford Audi are doing currently cam belts for £275
  6. 70AC

    FAO S line owners

    Mine's the same, a 2004 A3 Sport with S-Line trim. Not sure what my log book says but when I insured it it came up as 'Sport'.