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  1. andyccr

    New 'RS4' bumper for B6 cabriolets !

    Well, after looking at a few 'new' cars recently and deciding that I'd rather expand my business rather than a new car, I've decided to keep the cabriolet. Now I'm on the mailing list from Hofele in Germany who produce some seriously good quality (all TUV approved) parts for the Audi range...
  2. andyccr

    Looking for an avant - black or misano red

    Hi All, time to change from the cabriolet. I was going to get a B7 RS4 until I had a test drive in an RS6. Looking for a totally standard one really, only two things I would accept would be a nice set of coilovers already fitted and a tasteful set of wheels if it doesn't have the originals...
  3. andyccr

    Time to sell the cabriolet......... for an RS4 !

    Well I've had the cabriolet 18 months now and loved every drive. Its been to Lemans, Goodwood, Nurburgring and many more nice places in that time ! Its always been looked after and had no expense spared + lots of extra goodies fitted (see my sig) but I feel the need for some more speed...
  4. andyccr

    RS4 exhaust tips on, induction kit, and DTM front lip waiting

    So the weekend was a busy little one. I managed to cut the lower valence so I could fit it back on after collecting the car the other day from Impossible performance. Valence only took about 30 mins from start to finish to cut. Not the best job at the moment, but I just needed to get the...
  5. andyccr

    New exhaust tips on my cabriolet

    Just got the car back from Mike @ Impossible Performance after him doing a load of work on the car : Cambelt, water pump, pulleys, tensioner, fully service, brake fluid change, new pads and discs all round, fitting my dump valve (Forge 007) and sorting out my exhaust tips. Well its been *******...
  6. andyccr

    B7 MFSW into B6 write up

    For those of you wanting to fit a B7 MFSW (multi function steering wheel) to a B6 then there is a FULL guide on with pictures Not sure if you have to register to view it but its well worth registering and saying hello. Loads of useful info on audizine ...
  7. andyccr

    More OEM bits fitted

    Well had some free time at work today and decided to 'fit' my OEM RS4 starter button brought for a bargain price of £20 on good old 'fleabay' ! Cut the little pocket off the front of my fag lighter bit and sanded down the end of the RS4 switch to make it all fit nicely. All in and working and...
  8. andyccr

    Stafford Audi selling of spoilers etc....

    Most of the parts they only have one of, I guess just some cancelled orders and surplus stock but it might be of some use to someone. Genuine VAG Audi parts with 2 year warranties...............
  9. andyccr

    Genuine B6 rear bumper spoiler on Ebay

    Thought this might be of some use to you B6 Saloon guys : Genuine lower rear bumper spoiler / overlay part : I'm sure someone will snap up...
  10. andyccr

    Wing mirror puddle lights

    Does anyone have these fitted to their cars ? Just seen a set of mirror bottom plates that have white LEDs fitted on German Ebay. Might just be another retro-fit project to do !
  11. andyccr

    more reto-fit parts to go on the cabriolet!

    Just got another couple of bits for the cabriolet. Just fitted a genuine 2006 B7 RS4 cabriolet carbon interior trim that I managed to get for a steal of a price (£260)! This was all 4 door caps, glovebox trim, gear gaitor and ashtray and the piece around the headlamp switch. Gave it a good...
  12. andyccr

    Cheapest place for Bosch Aero wipers ??

    Now the crappy weather is really upon us I need some new Bosch Aero Wipers to replace the ones I've got as I rekon they've been on the car since new. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get proper Bosch ones - not cheap nasty copies. Andy
  13. andyccr

    The 'ultimate' B6 modification info link

    I often hang around on, a US based Audi forum and they have produced a massive list of parts and manufacturers for people looking to upgrade parts both on styling and on performance. I hope this list maybe of some use to everyone :
  14. andyccr

    Interior door handle illumination

    My cabriolet has the 'interior lamp pack' but this does not had door handle illumination. Do any of the A4s have this at all ? Or have I got to crack out the drill and add some 5 or 8mm red LEDs ?? Andy
  15. andyccr

    Carbon wing mirrors from Germany
  16. andyccr

    Awsome B5 RS4 for sale in Germany ! Awsome looking car, and must go like poo-poo off a shovel !!! Apparently 0-200kph in 12 seconds !!!
  17. andyccr

    B6 cabrio parts wanted..... can you help ?

    Looking for a couple of bits to complete the modifications on my car....... Interior dimming rear view mirror Complete interior trim set (unique to the cabriolet) ANY colour / condition as long as its not snapped in to pieces (Or a complete S4 / RS4 carbon set) Any BOSE cabriolet parts RNS-E...
  18. andyccr

    Looking for b6 door wiring diagram

    Can anyone help with a wiring diagram for the front door of a B6 please ?? Just picked up some BRAND NEW S4 ally mirrors and they came complete with the dimming glass. My car already has the folding mirror option, but would really like to get the dimming mirrors to work too. I haven't got a...
  19. andyccr

    Refurbed Sportec Mono10s 19" and 2007 rear

    Just got the Sportec Mono10s back from the powder coating people and had the tyres refitted today (Continental Sport Contact2 235/35/19). Really happy with the finish that they managed to do for me. I used a company in Maldon, Essex - CTC Powder Coaters. Also had the tyres refitted by Essex...
  20. andyccr

    Lack of exhaust choice for a4 ??

    Looking for an exhaust for my cabriolet and there seems no choice except for Milltek ???? I know a lot of guys buy Blueflame (A load of the Octy vRS guys use these). Please don't suggest anyone like Powerflow unless you have a PROVEN install centre - as I've seen some right bodge work from so...