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  1. Tommy53

    Driver side heated seat not working?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on why my driver's side heated seat doesn't work on my 2011 Audi A3. Firstly the passanger ones works fine. Fuse is good. I've checked the resistance on the passanger seat Vs the driver seat and they're fairly similar. I checked the voltage going to the...
  2. Tommy53

    Changes over the new few weeks

    Hello all, I have decided to do a few changes to my 2.0 Tdi 53 plate Audi and wasbasically looking for prices and your thoughts on the mods. My car is prettystandard as it is apart from painted alloys/ calipers so I’m hoping these willmake a big difference. The mods are as follows: Backbox...
  3. Tommy53

    Big weekend ahead

    Hello all, I bought my audi a few months back and since I've had two big issues on it, blowing black/blue smoke and leaking coolant! After saving up the money, I and a friend who is an experienced mechanic are going to take off this cylinder head and possibly do a hybrid turbo upgrade. A remap...
  4. Tommy53

    Backbox delete pipe.

    Hello all, I have recently read a thread about someone doing a backbox delete on there audi and it sounded pretty good. im wanting to carry out this mod but just wondering if anyone has the replcement pipe avaliable or is it something id have to get made up? Here a link to the thread to give...
  5. Tommy53

    Photoshopped lowering

    Hello all, is anyone's able to photoshop my car lowered? Just so it's just above the tyre. I was abit unsure about lowering at first but a friend recommended I asked on a forum as people can photoshop so I get a better idea. Some pics of the car. if anyone can do it I would be very grateful!
  6. Tommy53

    What springs / Coilovers to buy?

    Hi all, Currently in the process of refurbing my alloy wheels and when respraying, ive gone from silver to more of a gun metal grey. I have just finished refurbing two and from this i have found that my arch gap looks even bigger now as they are a darker colour! Something needs to be done about...
  7. Tommy53

    Turbo replacement decisions

    Very soon i am doing a few big (costly) jobs on my car one of which is the turbo. I quite like the sound of putting in a bigger turbo but i dont really know where to start looking. When people say a hybrid turbo, is that just a bigger turbo or a similar one with different components? For...
  8. Tommy53

    Tyre wear..

    So it's time for me to change my tyres on my car which I haven't had for too long! I bought up four new Falken Ziex ZE-914 tyres but I'm abit weary to fit these at the minute due to the way the old tyres are wearing. My old front tyres worn as follows: front left on the inner side and the...
  9. Tommy53

    Rear heat shield above the exahust issue.

    Hi, There is a metal heat shield that is under the bottom of the car, placed just above the exhaust. I have noticed that the metal where it is bolted on at has snapped so this is hanging loose. It rattles when i drive also which is rather annoying! Whats this part called or has anyone had a...
  10. Tommy53

    Rear seat belt replacement

    Hello, I have only just noticed that a rear seat belt of mine has broke. When pulled out, it does not go back in on its own unless it is threaded in. I have my MOT in a few weeks and i dont think it will pass with this so im going to replace it as obviously it is unsafe anyway. However im...
  11. Tommy53

    Head gasket change parts

    Hello all, just a quick brief for those who don't know.. My car requires a new head gasket and turbo. I have decided to take these jobs on myself as a friend of mine has done many of head gaskets and timing belts so I might aswel go for it! I basically just need abit of an idea of parts I need...
  12. Tommy53

    What would you do in this situation?

    Hello all, Only bought the car a few months ago and its fair to say i have bought an absolute nail of a car. The problems i have are: Turbo whine (turbo shaft has play in it) and im losing coolant. After a pressure test the guy says hes 90% sure its not a prous head as theyre unlikely but the...
  13. Tommy53

    Coolant flush

    Hello I'm wanting to drain my coolant system and I think I've got an idea how to do it but not totally sure. Do I do the following... Put car on axle stands take off overflow cap Pull up the drain plug till its all come out then replace it pour in hot water till it reaches the max line Run the...
  14. Tommy53

    How would these alloys look?

    Hello all, I have noticed I'm getting quite close to the limit with my tyres and being 19 I can't really afford to take the chance of getting points! So I was pricing up tyres and they came to about £300 which I don't really have, especially with all my current issues such as turbo and coolant...
  15. Tommy53

    Spraying wheel callipers

    Hello! So it's too nice to be sat in today and with no plans I have decided I might paint/spray my callipers :) I have done these before on my old car but as I painted them when on, they didn't turn out as neat as I wanted. So basically I have some questions.. -what paint is best from...
  16. Tommy53

    2.0 TDI badge

    Seen a few cars around the area with '2.0 T' badges and the T in red. Are these petrol or do some diesels also have that? Quite like the look of it to what I have got but wouldn't seem right if it was only a petrol thing!
  17. Tommy53

    Which tyres do you go for?

    Hi, which tyres do you guys usually go for or which would you recommend? In the next few months I'm probably gonna be replacing my alloys and gonna get all new tyres for them. Any recommendations? I only go on the motor way around once a month and apart from that my car is just used for...
  18. Tommy53

    What else could it be?

    Sorry to be a bore with these constant cooling fan questions but I can't seem to solve it. Bought and fitted some second hand fans that come with 3 months warranty (even though there is no guarantee they're actually working). so now they're fitted I still haven't heard them come on, is there...
  19. Tommy53

    Coolant splashes in the engine bay

    What causes this? I'm suffering coolant loss issues at the minute aswel and its definitely coming out the exhaust in some way. Only just noticed this coolant in the engine bay though. Could these be linked? i have already wrote a post like this but I'm yet to get my egr cooler and head tested...
  20. Tommy53

    Coolant splashes in engine bay

    What causes this? I'm suffering coolant loss issues at the minute aswel and its definitely coming out the exhaust in some way. Only just noticed this coolant in the engine bay though. Could these be linked? i have already wrote a post like this but I'm yet to get my egr cooler and head tested...