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  1. Bazzle

    Heated seat pads, how high

    Mine go as just to the top of the small of my back. Was hoping they would go higher to between shoulder blades. Is this normal? Baz
  2. Bazzle

    Audu TT Mk2 seats into an 8p

    Anyone done it or seen it done? (2010 S3 8p sportback) Found this ad Baz
  3. Bazzle

    Indicator bulbs H16 for S3(A3) HID lights

    Found these led's so gave them a go . Just fitted these last night, plug and play, No errors :) Needed one of the original type but cost about $40 down here :(...
  4. Bazzle

    Strange audio levels etc with Bose. Aftermarket headunit's sound fixed.

    Only one day with the fix ... The sound levels and freq response seemed to have a mind of its own after I fitted an Audiosources AS-8603 and later also an Erisin headunit es-7683a...
  5. Bazzle

    Resistors for Led replacements.

    Ive been trying with different resistor values for Led replacements to prevent BULB Out pic on dash (2010 S3) I purchased a set to use initially for my fog bulb replacement h11's. Good plug and play but with 6 ohm resistors they got very hot..170 degrees...
  6. Bazzle

    Centre armrest change/mod

    Has any one removed the armrest and put a different pad etc there or seen something better than the original misguided one? Baz
  7. Bazzle

    New Head Unit fitted Audiosources AS-8603

    Purchased directly from here with PayPal Fitted it on the weekend to my 2011 S3 Sportback. 3 days DHL Hong Kong to Melbourne Oz.. I have a Bose amp but it worked OK. They supply an extra loom to plug connectors to :)...