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    Anyone know where I can get the S3 owners manual as a pdf?

    Anyone know where I can get the S3 owners manual as a pdf? Had a search but can’t find it, would be grateful if anyone knows where I can download it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    2017 (66) A4 272 undertray part numbers

    Unfortunately we had heavy rain overnight and I had to drive home from work through loads of flooded roads and my undertray started dragging under the car (not sure if I also went over a cone which had washed away from its position at some of the HS2 roadworks). I’ve thankfully had the parts of...
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    Sat nav issues

    Couple of problems with my navigation system, wondering if anyone has any ideas? The first issue led to the second one. Recently when inputting a destination (postcode entry via voice) it would find the postcode but then tell me “no street available for *****” so is have to just navigate to...
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    Cracked alloy, repair or replace?

    Managed to spit the inside edge of an alloy this weekend, just wondering if it’s worth getting it repaired (anyone done this successfully? ) or if I should just stump up for a new wheel. If new wheel, does anyone know the price for a 19" x 8.5J '10-V spoke' design wheel?
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    Engine rattle (3.0TDI 272ps)

    Noticed a tapping / rattling noise over the sound of the engine when driving at about 50-60mph a few weeks ago. Finally got round to popping the hood this afternoon and it can be heard at idle too. Any ideas before I take it to Audi?
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    Audi Connect / Wifi ? Pending SIM owner

    Have previously had my phone connected to the A4 via wifi without issue but if I connect now I am getting a pop up on my phone screen with this telling me I need to purchase a data plan. Is this correct?
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    Coding 66 plate A4

    Couple of questions regarding coding my 2017 (66 plate A4). I understand it is possible to add High beam assist, lane assist to my car as it has the front facing camera (spec sheet did say that high beam assist was there but it isn’t). Would also like needle sweep. First, is there anyone local...
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    Changing interior trim?

    Have recently purchased a 66 plate A4 and it has some interior cosmetic issue on the brushed aluminium panels. Just wondering if anyone has replaced these parts (either for black or direct replacement of the alu) If so, anyone know a rough idea on what the parts / labour cost would be to do...
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    Coming back to an A4

    After 3 and a half years of owning my A5, I will be back in an A4 from Monday. Have absolutely loved the car, but 7 months of getting a baby carrier in and out has made me realise I need the extra doors again for the sake of my back. Unfortunately couldn’t afford new this time round (or Black...
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    New A5 or stick with my A4?

    Have just been into Audi and been offered an A5 Black Edition 2.0TDI quattro with Tech Pack, interior light pack, folding mirrors and heated seats for £325 a month over 4 years (currently paying £273 a month over 3 years for the A4 due to putting in a large deposit) They have offered £20k for...
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    Most expensive box of biscuits I have ever bought!

    Popped out today to buy some biscuits as my parents were popping over and upon parking when getting home managed to scrape one of my BE alloys. Can't be doing with getting it refurbed so a £5.99 box of biscuits will end up costing me £596.50 extra! :crying: Wife is less than pleased, but seeing...
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    Ok, I think i'm done.

    So, three weeks after placing my order I think (hope) that I have finally stopped adding options. When I originally placed the order, I had only added tyre pressure indicator and pearlescent paint. The week after I added folding mirrors, alcantara, high beam assist and Adaptive headlights...