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  1. Syed Shah

    RS5 B9 - Matrix Leds

    Hi there, I’m in the hunt for my next car, of which I really like the sound of a RS5/RS4 (B9) to replace my outgoing BMW 640d GC. My current 640d has Adaptive LEDS and after almost 3 years of using them, I’ve decided that my next car MUST have adaptive LEDS. I have seen a lot of RS5s with...
  2. Syed Shah

    Audi UK complaints.. advice!

    Hi guys, So I was just wondering if anyone has had to deal with Audi UK before and how have they been in regards to solving your complaint? Just incase you're reading my issue for the first time, my complaint is in regards to a severe speaker rattle on my Audi A4 Saloon with the Audi Speaker...
  3. Syed Shah

    Audi A4 B9 Audi Sound System rattle

    hi guys, just wanted to ask if anyone here with the standard audi sound system experiences a rattle from the speakers.. mine are really starting to pi*s me off now tbh. its mainly the left one but the driver side does it occasionally. its gotten worse now that the car is on nearly 15k anyone...
  4. Syed Shah

    New Audi A7 - Reviews?

    Hey guys. Does anyone have the new A7 in 50 TDI form? If so, what is your review of the 3.0 v6? More generally, what are the dual screens like to use whilst driving?
  5. Syed Shah

    Audi A5 3.0 218

    hi guys, just out of interest, i just wanted to know if anyone had the new a5 in 218 3.0 form and has remapped it? If so, what are the 0-60 times?
  6. Syed Shah

    What will be your next car and why? Your Audi Experience

    Hey guys. I just wanted to know about what your next car plan is and why? Was it Audi or just a temptation? Would be interesting to hear what you guys make of your car and also whether you would go for it again. I currently have the 1.4Tfsi S tronic S line and love it. However my dying urge...
  7. Syed Shah

    Top speed of 1.4tfsi

    just out of interest, what is the official top speed of the a4 1.4tfsi? I have read 130mph but i am not sure how accurate this is?
  8. Syed Shah

    Tyre pressure

    hey there. what is the correct psi for the 245 45 zr18’s on the audi a4? my tyre pressure warning just flew up and i cant seem to find anything on me car? thanks
  9. Syed Shah

    Windscreen wipers

    How long did your wipers last before they showed signs of replacing? Mine are on 7k and are already asking for a replacement.. very early considering me toyota lasted on nearly 20k before asking to be changed?
  10. Syed Shah

    Looks like the A4 is due a major facelift next year.. thoughts?

    Hey guys, Following the recent introduction of the new A8, A7 and now the A6, I think the A4 is due a major facelift (according to the news down in Germany anyways).. what are you guys thoughts? I'm pretty excited because it falls around the same time my lease ends (predicted for end of 2019)...
  11. Syed Shah

    Coding your B9

    Does anyone have an idea of what can be coded on to a B9 with Technology Pack?
  12. Syed Shah

    Audi A3 - Vibration problem

    Hey there guys Posting on behalf of a friend of mine who owns a 12 plate Audi A3 2.0 TDI BE and has been having issues with the acceleration pedal vibrating under acceleration above 40MPH.. Could someone let me know if they are experiencing something similar, or have experienced something...
  13. Syed Shah

    Steering wheel - A4 S-Line

    Hey guys.. Posting this after I have come across a ruin in my S-Line steering wheel.. so to say the least it takes the p**s. It comes after I just discovered a scratch along the back of my car.. looks like someone has hit the car and just gone.. meh. Not been a good few days.. not sure how...
  14. Syed Shah

    Cancelling lease contract

    Hey guys! Only just got my lease a month ago (month and 4 days to be precise haha) but I wanted to know about cancellation charges. Has anyone here cancelled their lease early and if so, what were the charges and procedure? My contract doesn't seem to say much about cancelling the lease for my...
  15. Syed Shah

    Review - 1.4Tfsi S Tronic

    Hey guys, As promised, here is a more detailed review of the A4 1.4 Tfsi S-Line S-Tronic. First of all, I’ve owned the car just shy of a month now and I’m nearing 1400 miles on the clock, with half of them miles coming from my most recent trip up and down the country. My first impressions...
  16. Syed Shah

    Eco Mode - 1.4Tfsi S Tronic

    Just out of interest, i realised there is no eco mode on the 1.4tfsi A4. Not that it greatly bothers me because I prefer the car in comfort but was generally wondering why it doesn’t there is no Eco mode on that but there is one on the RS3 haha
  17. Syed Shah

    No Swirl Mark Wash

    So now that I have picked up my Audi, I've been very quick to realise that it picks up a hell of a lot of dirt and filth off the roads.. Only had it since Wednesday and it already looks like a cat that's been rolling around in the mud. So I wanted to wash it but didn't want any swirl marks. I...
  18. Syed Shah

    My new Audi - First 100 miles

    Heyyya guys. So I collected my lease today with 9 miles on the clock.. just for anyone who doesn't know, it's the A4 S-Line S-Tronic 1.4 Tfsi. Specs: Diamond cut 18 inch alloys Technology Package (std) Reverse camera and Hill Hold Assist So far apart from the horrible lag and the super...
  19. Syed Shah

    Audi A4 1.4 TFSI.. interesting read

    Hey guys. So anyone who's like me and wants a bit of a real life insight to how the 1.4 TFSI Audi A4 is, I've popped a quick link below that may be of some interest for you guys.. Even...
  20. Syed Shah

    Car registeration - reg not showing up!

    Hey so i got a good quote in for insurance ahead of my collection on wednesday but the given reg plate is not showing up on dvla datebases.. bare in mind car was due for registeration on the 14th which was yesterday.. Is this normal or do I give it a day or 2?