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    Front Wings

    Hi guys....does anyone know if the front wings from a 5dr sportback 55 plate will fit on my 3dr 05 plate? Thanks Ahsan
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    TDI Exhaust

    just a quick question guys....plan on getting a decat for my tdi, but im now thinking whether i should do the full system or not? i plan on getting it remapped after as well pros and cons would be appreciated ahsan
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    Engine Mods

    hi guys, just after some advice really. ive got a 2005 tdi bkd engine, im considering the following mods on the car EGR delete Decat Remap are there any issues with any of the plans? many thanks ahsan
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    PlastiDip - How much to order

    just a quick question i plan on ordering some so i can spray my front grill...was wondering how much i would need....its for an 05 plate split grill??? thanks ahsan
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    hi currently looking for a tdi and just wanted to know about the dsg gearboxes? did the a3's ever have a different auto box apart from the dsg? reason being i went to view an a3 yesterday and the guy was saying it was using the cvt gearbox and not the dsg, even though it had the...
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    hey guys, just signed up to the forum. im currently driving a mk3 golf vr6, but im looking to get an a3 t fsi s line. look forward to using the forum more regularly. ahsan