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  1. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Carbon clean recommendation

    Can anyone recommend reputable carbon cleaners in SE England, centring around Hertfordshire. Thanks!
  2. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Fuel Injector help

    2.0 TFSI, 2012, CDNC. Trying to solve misfires; plugs, coils, compressions all good. The below images are what my Audi specialist has found with my fuel injectors. I'm being told that the filter has disappeared from these parts, which apparently stop contaminant get into the injector/cylinders...
  3. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Help Please PCV replacement - ECU flash required?

    I suspect my pcv needs replacing due to slight rough idle and misfires. Plugs are brand new NGKs. Coils are also realtively new and the misfires don't follow the coils as I swap them between cylinders. The question is, do I need to have the ECU flashed after replacing the old part? I have...
  4. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Help identifying gearbox/propshaft part

    Can anyone help identify this part highlighted? A part number would be ideal and any info on how this might be fitted would also be very helpful. The issue is that aluminium housing is detaching from the rubber, causing vibrations. Thanks in advance. Edit: 6 speed, Quattro, 2.0 TFSI
  5. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    For Sale Audi A4 S line front grille B8.5 2012 - 2015, chrome, good condition

    Audi A4 OEM S line grille, B8.5 2012 - 2015, facelift version. Good condition, selling as upgraded to RS version. £60 + £10 delivery, discounted for ASN members, (on eBay and FB @£70) Collection available from Stevenage
  6. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Sold Audi A4/A5 genuine Rotors, 19", gloss black - good condition

    Audi 19" Genuine Rotors, not cheap copies. ET43,19 x 8.5J Part number: 8K8K0 601 025 CN Two wheels in mint condition, one with minor imperfection, one with a little kerbing - see images Painted beautiful gloss black, complete with 4 x genuine Audi centre caps, painted the same gloss black...
  7. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Wanted 19” Rotor alloys ET33.

    I'm after a set of genuine 19" rotor alloys at et33. The offset is key as I'm after the deep concave design. With or without tyres Thanks
  8. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Adjust position of removed elec seats

    I need to adjust my front electric seats in order to package and deliver. I definitely don't want to refit them to the car do achieve this. So wondering if i can a) connect a battery to them directly or b) extend cabling to the original loom/connectors in the car. For this i'm thinking...
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    Component protection on Speedo/rev cluster?

    I'm planning to swap an A5 B8.5 instrument cluster (and surrounds/housing) to my A4 B8.5. Can anyone confirm if these clusters have component protection? Additionally, would adding a cluster with a top different top speed (say, 200MPH compared to 180MPH) throw the readings, or do the...
  10. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    For Sale A4 B8 S Line sports seats, fronts only

    Heated, full Nappa leather, full electric adjustment (forward/backward, height, tilt and lumbar). In working condition and including seat belt clips. Driver's seat has additional under seat storage No rips or tears All cables present with no cuts Great condition for age (2012 vehicle)...
  11. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Help Please Part identification - transmission/drive shaft

    Can anyone help with a part number for item 8, on the far left of the image. Apparently this needs replacing on my vehicle and i'm having issues in identifying it using parts websites. Vehicle is an A4, 2.0 TFSI, Quattro, 2012, but a B8.5. Thanks,
  12. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Safely disposing of seat airbags

    I have removed the outside front seat airbags, any idea of how to dispose of them safely and responsibly? They are from an old set of seats that i have broken down. Pics to come.
  13. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Bosch spark plug condition

    Are these sparks plug in expected condition? they are Bosch R1, but i'm having a bit of an issue identifying them properly. ~20k miles for plugs, engine at 102k 2.0 TFSI APR stage 1 remap I ask as i'm having hesitation at 1500 - 3k revs, particularly in higher gears, similar to a bad coil...
  14. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Winter tyres in London/Home counties

    People who live/work/drive in the south east of England - do you use a winter tyre setup in the colder months? I'm unsure it's worth it given snow and ice tends to be limited, however from what i have read about the benefits of winter tyres, it feels as though it could be beneficial for the...
  15. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Carbon clean - worthwhile?

    Anyone have experience of a carbon clean aiding performance/economy/general driving? I have 100k on my 2.0 TFSI, B8.5. Engine is remapped with APR stage 1 and has followed at longest Audi's recommended service intervals. I have used Shell or Esso premium fuel since owning it (almost 3 years)...
  16. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    For Sale A4 B8.5 Boot lid, S Line

    Misano red, good condition, ready to fit. Paint correction carried out in 2019 and well maintained with two bucket washes and wax. De badged (apart from Quattro emblem), Comes with unfitted black Audi rings. Collection preferred due to size, but delivery can be arranged at cost. £125
  17. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Bi Xenons headlight bulb replacement suggestions

    One of my headlight bulbs has gone - what suggestions does anyone have for replacements that aren't eBay jobs? They are factory bi - xenons.
  18. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    For Sale Audi S Line leather steering wheel

    Full leather and in great condition. Should fit a variety of vehicles across the Audi range inc B8/B8.5 A4/A5. Note, this is for the wheel itself (no airbag or buttons) Original car was an A4 2012 B8.5 £25
  19. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    For Sale A4 B8.5 Side Skirts

    Original Audi side skirts. Misano red, good condition, from a 2012 B8.5 A4 S Line. Minor scratches on the road facing side otherwise paintwork is sound. The whole car was professionally detailed in 2019. Ready to fit to any A4/A5 across B8/B8.5 models. May well also fit the B9/other models...
  20. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    S5 B8 Sports seats in A4 b8.5

    Does anyone know if they are a mechanical and electrical fit? The current and S5 seats have the same yellow, red black and green connectors. I'm aware there may be component protection. Anything to consider re seat belt harnesses?