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  1. edirance

    car going dead while driving

    have got a 2004 A3 2.0fsi and am having this strange problem my car keeps going completely dead while driving and when i try to restart immediately, it wont start until i let it sit for a while (20-30) mins before it comes back on.. i have no problem starting the car when cold ... have read on...
  2. edirance

    water from exhaust but no coolant lost

    what is the possibility for water to drip (comes out in very little amount) out from exhaust with no coolant lose, and also very little white smoke with sweet burning smell but this disappear say after 1 min . i have notice a very slight milky stuff from the oil cover but this goes off when...
  3. edirance

    VAG COM help

    HI every one.. looking to scan my audi, does anyone on here have a vag com in my area that will be willing to help? live in sidcup, south east london.... anybody around bexley area would be nice... cheers
  4. edirance

    safe mode on car

    hi all.. am new on this forum and am really in need of any help.. have got an audi a3 2.0 fsi 04reg and the car don't fancy starting any more. all it does is start for one or 2 seconds and goes off.. this problem started after battery change and i there is a safe mode display on the dash close...
  5. edirance

    need some advice and help..

    ​looking @ buying this Audi A3 2.0fsi, as a non runner and d dealer wrote something like engine turns over on the key but will not start, it also spins over quickly and appears to have no compression. they went ahead to say we suspect a calm belt/ chain issue and oil/coolant levels are...
  6. edirance

    need some advice and help..