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  1. 964kevin

    Using the Audi Concert 2 as a Shed radio..

    Has anyone done this, and can share some tips, they dont seem to be worth a great deal second hand, so in a moment of "what if madness", i thought, I wonder if i could use it to power some car speakers in my shed on12v. Any help appreciated. K
  2. 964kevin

    For all those trying to get maximum mpg.

    How many of you will challenge this, achieved today. Not doctored, not reset, as straight as a die. One journey uninterrupted along the A12, from Brentwood to Colchester, starting at the Holiday inn, and ending at my house.
  3. 964kevin

    Search Link And New Forum Look

    Not sure if it's me, the laptop or the new look of the forum..... But having tried to search for topics, then clicking on the link it just sends me back to the homepages...... Not helpful, so if you could assist an old fart, I would be gratefull. thanks Kevin
  4. 964kevin

    Odd noise when turning steering

    Seems I have just developed an odd noise when rotating the steering wheel, it sounds like a spring slipping in the seat on the front suspension, I've had a look underneath, and rotated the wheels, tried to pull on them to see if anything is loose, but nothing out of the ordinary. It feels ok...
  5. 964kevin

    Concert 2? and bluetooth

    Did a quick search, and found nowt of help, so posing the question here..... I'm still in 2 minds about RNS-E, but before I do any more searching or asking questions, I need to sort out something of a query. I have Bluetooth on the single Din Concert 2??. so my question is, is this a module...
  6. 964kevin

    sport edition now Black edition????

    Went to order a Black edition at local dealers, and it dosen't list it as S-Line Black Ed anymore, just as Sport edition Black edition, whats that all about? Dealer assures me its part of Audi's internal name changes....However do you guys know any different? thank K
  7. 964kevin

    Noisey gearbox at idle: A3 manual box: 09 8p model TDI

    Pretty much that really, on my second box, and the car goes in for another look soon. Anyone else care to share a similar experience with me? on or offline if you wish. thanks k