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  1. cabbychris

    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    I take it you dont lean it over then with the 1" strip left haha,do like the r6s i had the gixer 600 but later changed to a 2002 r1 and ive still got its private plate r19 oes.
  2. cabbychris

    Stolen wing mirrors

    £710 per side are they taking the **** or what and £330 each for covers audi must be very short of money if the can honestly charge those ridiculous prices,just daylight robbery
  3. cabbychris

    Rick Parfitt

    Rip Rick Parfitt
  4. cabbychris


    Like its been said the mr muscle mod is just a temp thing,the only way round your problem is new or recon turbo,as i said i had the exact same problem whistling and lots of power when on boost,diagnosed as cracked and sticking viens so had no choice but replace it with a new 1 total cost inc...
  5. cabbychris


    had the same problem with my b7 sticking veins,you could try the mr muscle, but it will be a new turbo in the end
  6. cabbychris

    New audi q2

    its definately a marmite car
  7. cabbychris

    New audi q2

    well we have just been to see the new q2 and my god its nasty,the interior is like something out of the 80`s,dont know what they were thinking in the design of the car,loads of angles on the exterior and the new grill like all the other new audi`s is terrible can`t se them selling lots of...
  8. cabbychris

    Headlight bulb

    done mate
  9. cabbychris

    Headlight bulb

    ok send me your paypal and ill send as a gift cheers
  10. cabbychris

    Headlight bulb

    is that posted to leeds
  11. cabbychris

    Headlight bulb

    yes both high/low beams are h7`s i used the philips 130`s in both beams and they were very good a lot better than the oem`s, good luck in changing the bulbs without taking the bumper off,might be possible if you have child like hands.
  12. cabbychris


    I got a price to wrap our slk bonnet, bumper, front wings and both mirrors all in clear £1200 needless to say it wont be happening
  13. cabbychris

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Ive part exed mine pick new car up friday
  14. cabbychris

    few pics

    As the title says if you are a petrol head you will like these,this is at leeds cruise last night
  15. cabbychris

    A4 Cab, 2.0 TDi S Line - Starting problems

    if you have someone comming over with vcds i would wait and see what they say,how old is the battery,you said regular diesel is that supermarket crap,my money is on glow plugs they are about £25 a piece have a look at europarts
  16. cabbychris

    A4 Cab, 2.0 TDi S Line - Starting problems

    i think your first point should be getting the car scanned unless you want to throw good money after bad,where are you from
  17. cabbychris

    A4 Cab, 2.0 TDi S Line - Starting problems

    sounds like glow plugs, a bit more info might help service history,mileage,what fuel are you running it on??????? have you it scanned to see what the problem could be,could be something like a sensor or something a bit more serious
  18. cabbychris

    Dreaded low oil pressure warning!!

    chinese 1,who is the parts warranty with and whats it cost,just got a bargain for the cab a brand new still in box wind deflector £100.