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  1. EmmaJ

    Facelift New S3

    Hi, After a torrid time of 9 months of ACC and pre-sense failures which culminated in Audi swapping out the cam under warranty. The dealership then crashed in my old S3 whilst they had it in their car park during the snowy weather. It was fair to say by this point I was certain my old S3 was...
  2. EmmaJ

    Emissions control system light

    After a circa 3 hour high speed drive last night, on the cool drive last couple of miles the ECS light came on. Went out this morning to run some errands and the light is still on, so don't look like a intermittent fault. I'm guessing it's likely to be CAT related? Now the question is it worth...
  3. EmmaJ

    Availability of 2017 maps in MyAudi?

    Hi, My Audi dealer has told me that my Audi Connect has been extended by a year yet I'm still getting "Not available without license renewal" when trying to access the 2017 map, see screenshot below: Can someone please confirm if they have the 2017 map available download and ideally include...
  4. EmmaJ

    New S3 8V in Reading

    Hi All, I just purchased an Audi S3 DSG sport back in brilliant red last Friday. She's fully loaded bar the pan roof and the B&O sound system. So far I'm loving the upgrade from my old A3 8P S-line 2.0T which had a remap but doesn't even compare to the S3!