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  1. Lewbo

    Q8 New Q8 owner!

    Hi everyone, Just thought I’d share about my new car,Just paid my deposit on a 8 month old Q8 which I pick up on Wednesday which I can’t wait for. It’s a 2019 68 in glacier white with the best options Comfort and sound pack Tour pack Panoramic roof Oak grey inlays 21” alloys 360 degree cam...
  2. Lewbo

    2014 S4 B8.5 advice only 6k miles

    I haven’t posted in a while and moving over from the 8P A3 section, I have seen a car for sale and wondered what the thoughts where on it. It’s a 2014 S4 black edition avant with only 6,200 miles with 1 owner from new. It has pan roof, drive select, tech pack with Audi connect, high beam assist...
  3. Lewbo

    2015 S3 rough idle problem

    Hi all I currently have a 2015 S3 and having a very rough idle. No error codes or lights on the dash when this happens. I’ve found that if I unplug the inlet mainfold pressure sensor it runs perfect with no misfires at all. Swapped it out for a new one and I still have the same rough idle...
  4. Lewbo

    Select car leasing S3 tracking

    hi Just ordered an S3 Sportback Black Edition S-Tronic via select car leasing on a cracking deal a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had the email to confirm it’s factory order yet after asking for the tracking Info i feel like they are not wanting to give me this after an email from them. My wife...
  5. Lewbo

    2009 S3 Adaptive Bi-Xenons retrofit

    looking for some info on retrofitting some adaptive bi-xenons to my 2009 S3. With been an S3 it already has the levellers washers headlight range ect. So just wanted to know what needs changing to make adaptives work. I know my headlight range control unit will need changing to one that...
  6. Lewbo

    My new Sprint blue S3 8P3

    Just got this sprint blue 2009 S3, after having selling my 8p2 S3 3 years ago to buy a house I decided To buy a 2006 a3 a line 2.0T FSI special edition back in February 2013 it only had done 49k miles. It's been a brilliant car and even though it's at stage 1 I've always missed the S3 so...
  7. Lewbo

    8P3 S3 manual 4k rev limiter

    just bought myself an 2009 sprint blue S3 with 66k on the clock. I also own a 2.0 tfsi 8P2. Just noticed tonight when I Rev the s3 in neutral or in 1st gear with the clutch in it only revs up to 4k miles yet my 2.0 tfsi a3 can Rev to the line. I've had an 8p2 s3 few years back and can't...
  8. Lewbo

    Auto wiper/ light sensor fault after windscreen replacement

    Friday just gone had a windscreen replaced on the wife's a3 cabriolet with a genuine Audi screen which I supplied for the window man to fit it. He fitted the screen and managed to scratch the car in the process which he admitted and is paying for. When I got in from work I started the car...
  9. Lewbo

    Tech Pack Screen Retrofit

    i have an S3 on order with SD nav which is what I wanted but I think the resolution is poor. I couldn't justify the extra £1000 for the tech pack just for the higher resolution screen. As I have LED sat nav screen in my 8P which I am keeping even when the 8v comes I think it would annoy me that...
  10. Lewbo

    8v Black Edition Possibility?

    Just wondered if anyone has ever read or heard Audi are going to release a black edition of the 8V, I'd be annoyed if they do release it just as we get ours early next year. Going from the 8P which came with Led bi-xenons Bose Privacy glass Black styling pack Rotors Which was just over £1k extra...
  11. Lewbo

    Goodies For New Arrival

    On my previous 8P's and my current I have always modded OEM modded them to make them look better and make it my own. It's a bug that bites very hard on the 8P forum. So I Have an S3 saloon on order and while I wait I thought id like to buy a few goodies for it to make it my own. Last few cars...
  12. Lewbo

    How Long For Build Date After Order?

    Just wondering how long people had to wait for a build date after ordering a car through a dealer. I'm already getting impatient and only ordered last Wednesday it's going to be a long and painful wait for the car. Haven't been told a date yet but don't wanna feel like I keep pestering the dealer.
  13. Lewbo

    Ordering S3 Glacier Saloon

    Hi guys My first post on the 8V side of the forum, been a 8P owner for 5 years now and had 4 s-line's and 1 S3. I currently have a 2.0 TFSI S Line after selling the S3 to buy a house with the misses. Now we've were settled in the house were looking at getting a new car and since I have always...
  14. Lewbo

    Wow, look at state of this

    Some guy on ebay selling a facelift s3 bumper with rs3 style grill can anyone point out his problem. Audi S3 front bumper & RS3 grill | eBay
  15. Lewbo

    Super bright CREE DRL's fitted with new feature

    Fitted Xenons a few weeks ago and always hated the yellow DRLs, so until I go ahead with my 8p3 S3 conversion I thought I would replace them with some super bright cree DRLs these were advertised as brightest ones on the market boasting 50W which is a lot for LEDs. I had some on my other cars...
  16. Lewbo

    Park assist retrofit?

    Within next few weeks I'm looking at installing front and rear sensors incl OPS on the RNSE, whilst I was looking for parking modules I came across a module which supports park assist. Thought it might be a good idea to see what is involved in this too whilst I'm at it. had a look in elsawin at...
  17. Lewbo

    Halogen to bi-xenon done without adapters or extra wires

    Today I fitted so 8p2 bi-Xenons to my a3 whilst I'm waiting to collect all the parts for my 8p3 conversion, I would need to wire for new Xenons anyways so thought i would do it now with 8p2 Xenons then led ones will be direct swap. anyways after every thread I searched it someone always said...
  18. Lewbo

    What other interior mods left to do?

    I currently have an 8p2 s line and going to give it the full s3 8p3 facelift conversion I have done this twice before so I know what's involved but this time I wanted to start on the interior 1st with all S3 stuff and extras and was wondering if there was anything else left I could do I have...
  19. Lewbo

    Just had 09 S3 clocks fitted into my 06 2.0T

    Managed to get hold of some 09 s3 clocks as I am doing a 3rd facelift S3 conversion lol no one really confirmed that these would be able to be coded and work. But I can say it certainly does. Dropped the car off this morning and an hour later I had a phone call to say it was ready to collect...
  20. Lewbo

    Which main dealers do facelift cluster swap.

    Just thought i would start a thread to see if people know which main dealers have successfully done a facelift cluster swap/code. I need mine doing and there isn't much info out there saying which ones have successfully done so thought it would be useful for others too thanks