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    Avant rear washer water gone...

    Your jet at the base of the rear wiper will be blocked with muck. Pull off the plastic cover then pull off the jet which pops onto a nipple. Clean out with pin, replace and voila you will have water spray again. Happened on my A4 Avant before xmas. You know how much muck gets thrown up the...
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    S P Tuning

    Anyone on here used S P Tuning in Hinckley, Leics. for a Re-map on their TDi? They are offering serial port re-maps on ebay at £179 which seems good value.
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    BP Ultimate Diesel

    Has anyone done any testing as to the claimed benefits of BP Ultimate Diesel? Does it really give improved performance, cleaner engines an increased mpg? I know it is 1-2p more than standard DERV but if it's worth it then i could be tempted to stick it in my A4 Avant.
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    Re-maps and mileage?

    Thanks for the heads up re. the group buy. Might just go for it with AMD then. What sort of figures are to be expected with the AMD re-map?
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    Re-maps and mileage?

    Well, I picked up my 1st Audi on Saturday, an '03 A4 Avant 1.9 TDi Sport in Atlas Grey. Must say that i'm very impressed with all aspects of the car. The fit and finish is superb and unlike any other car i've owned, VW & BMW included. The drive, both handling and performance are great and...
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    Pick up 1st A4 on Sat.

    Thanks for the welcome guys and the informative replies. As I expected, a retro fit DIS install is just silly money for the extra it provides. I may keep an eye out for a cheap 2nd hand armrest and do a DIY install. CurryMilkShake, I agree (obvioulsy) regarding Atlas Grey being the best...
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    Pick up 1st A4 on Sat.

    Hi Guys, This is my 1st post on here so take it easy with me. I pick up my A4 Avant 1.9 TDi Sport on Saturday and have a couple of Spec. related questions. The car is a 52 plate (Feb. '03) in Atlas Grey. It has what I believe to be the standard sport spec. i.e. 17" 5 spoke alloys, 3 spoke...
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    Tracker / RAC Trackstar etc etc

    Yeah, i saw a think on a website the other day for one of the tracking units adn they were offering a new system where you had a card, like a credit card and it was that which disabled the tracker, so if someone stole your keys, it would still alert the call centre because the card wouldn't be...
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    Tracker / RAC Trackstar etc etc

    Hi guys, the old man is planning to get a location system fitted on his new car (Boxster S). Does anyone know of a website with a comparison of the various systems? I know i've seen one, but i can't find it! Looking for a system that can be found in a container & abroad etc. Also what have...
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    A4 3.0 tdi Q

    I know a guy who has one, he's just had it remapped to deliver the same power as the A6 3.0 TDI Q. simply awesome!
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    Lions Game

    good stuff. Yeah i know what you mean about flying, will probably train it too. Just going to have a look at Kuoni and then the bank balance!!
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    Lions Game

    yeah, i was thinking eurostar, or even sleazyjet to be honest, if you book far enough in advance. Who have you arranged that through?
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    Lions Game

    Well if all goes according to plan, i'll be living and working in london by then, so it'd be nice and easy! Yeah i'm definately considering it, it'll depend a little on price of tickets and when they go on sale etc!
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    Lions Game

    I understand what you're saying Red, but the reason spear tackling was outlawed was due to the risk of breaking someone's neck. As it stand BOD tour is over and next season is probably compromised due to the training he will miss out on. In my view, which comes from playing a lot of rugby...
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    Lions Game

    Is anyone else completely disgusted that Kevin Mealamu and Tana Umanga have completey escaped punishment for ending Brian O'Driscolls tour? It always seems like one rule for NZ and another for the rest of the world. For those of you who didn't see it, in the 2nd minute of the game, a ruck...
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    Well that was fun. I think Ferrari and the FIA have to accept as much responsibility as Michelin. they both stopped the race happening. Michelin were only erring on the side of caution, the FIA and Ferrari blocked the only thing that would have let the race happen. think i'll stick with moto...
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    New A6 Avant TDI S-Line

    Hey guys, a few pics of the parents new A6 Avant 3.0 TDI S-Line. Goes like sh!t off a shovel.
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    gt4 - s3 around the nurburg ring.

    I'll have a go on sunday, i think entrants should also state whether or not the car has been modded!
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    Pay as you go road charge..

    Just a point, but this system will be based on GPS technology yes? Well, judging by how some of our most sophisticated weapons so spectacularly missed their targets in recent conflicts, despite GPS guidance, i wouldn't worry. 90% of the time, we won't get charged because the Government will...
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    If you get a puncture...

    I'd been warned against using things like that, as when the tyre is punctured, there is a chance that the structure of the tyre may be damaged, hence why you should always change the wheel and get it checked.