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  1. Mikemc

    S3 2010 auto level xenons?

    As title I have the above, my lights auto level when I turn the car on as normal, but the. They seem to slowly drop to be facing the road and sometimes one is slightly higher than the other? Now shouldn't they stay as level as possible? Can it be changed in vcds? Or is the sensor knackered? No...
  2. Mikemc

    Looking to get an S3 sportback

    Hi guys, seen an s3 sport back I like, s tronic black edition, white with the black rails, any things to look out for?
  3. Mikemc

    lcr brembos... what lightweight wheels will fit?

    as title? after some 17 by 8s track wheels that will fit over lcr brembos without spacing them or at the most very little
  4. Mikemc


    As title, just fitted coilovers to my polo 9n3 gti, would I be ok removing them till the morning to put on shortened ones first thing? Doing no more than 10 miles between now and having the shortened ones bought and fitted first thing?
  5. Mikemc

    Recommend me an in car camera?

    Looking to fit a camera now after a kid threw a stone at my windshield. Closing the gate after the horse has bolted I know. So can you recommend any? Would like g sensors etc and to be able to download it to my laptop to view or smart phone? Do they lower insurance premiums?
  6. Mikemc

    Paint removal from alloys?

    Ok, bought some alloys looks like they have some paint marked on on then from storage or spilt on. How can I remove this without actually removing the alloy wheels laquer?
  7. Mikemc

    tire stretch gurus please help!

    looking to fit somne new tires to my polo. Will i be ok running 195/45/16 all round with 7.5j front and 9j rear? i cant go much wider with the tires on the rear as the tread will start to poke too maybe 205 at a very push
  8. Mikemc

    help with vdcs scan on my Polo 1,8t Gti

    can somebody help me, also having issues with the passenger window and the electric wing mirrors not working and there is nothing on vcds to show issues? VCDS Version: Release 12.12.2 (x64) Data version: 20140212 Thursday,13,March,2014,17:29:43:46857 Chassis Type: 9N (9N - VW Polo (2002 >...
  9. Mikemc

    Help with 9n3 polo drivers door won't lock with key fob

    Bought my polo gti yesterday, love it, just have a few creases to iron out which I'm sure will be nothing major. I have an issue were the drivers door won't lock via key fob but will look via the key in the door. I don't think I can hear noise from the door so could it be a loose connection or...
  10. Mikemc

    Got the bug to change car again..

    over the last few weeks/months ive been looking at new cars, ive gone from 1 extreme to the other. having looked at going to the dark side with a 330d bmw, and looking at the audi a5/4 3.0tdi cars. im now looking at and maybe buying a 57 Polo 9n3 GTi 1.8T. i just cant stop myself from looking...
  11. Mikemc

    parking sensors doing my head in...

    fuse is ok, the seem plugged in (quick feel underneath) starting to do my nut in now though, could this be the module ? VCDS Version: Release 12.12.2 (x64) Data version: 20140212 Wednesday,05,March,2014,18:19:21:46857 Chassis Type: 8P (1K0) Scan: 01 02 03 08 09 15 16 17 19 25 42 44 46 47 52...
  12. Mikemc

    will this wiring loom fit my a3?

    part number is 8e0 971 589 q. this came with an airbag part number 8P0 880 201AJ 6PS. will this work why my A3?
  13. Mikemc

    Part numbers please

    I'm looking to fit my old steering wheel but didn't note down my old part numbers(doh). Can anybody please help me, what combination of airbag and harness will fit my old wheel, it's a 3 spoke wheel with flappy paddles shield type airbag. Part number only says 8p0 124A? Thanks
  14. Mikemc

    Would you be put off by an 3.0TDI with high mileage?

    As title really. Looking to buy an A5 or an A4, with the 3.0tdi lump. Also considering a 330/335d (sorry). Should I be put off from buying one that has over 90-100k on the clock? Ideally I'd like to have minimum less than 80 so come selling time it's under 100k still? I'm sure a looked after...
  15. Mikemc

    Parts help please

    Hi I need the part number for this missing part and the buttons I will need to suit it, I did the double din conversion just never got round to the buttons and hazard surround
  16. Mikemc

    park assist stopped working, scan inside

    all of a sudden my park assist stopped working, here my full scan, Sunday,10,November,2013,09:01:52:46857 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator VCDS Version: Release 12.12.0 (x64) Data version: 20130910 VIN: WAUZZZ8P26A067783 License Plate: Mileage: 153070km-95113mi Repair Order...
  17. Mikemc

    What airbag and harness for this wheel?

    Can so,embody please tell me the airbag and harness part numbers for the following wheel.. 8P0 124A is the wheel, it's a standard wheel with paddles if that helps
  18. Mikemc

    Advice on buying a 3.0tdi

    As title, what's the service schedule on these engines? Are they good solid reliable engines? Haven't read anything about cons as of yet. How often should the haldex be serviced? What's the clutch life like with the serious torque? Are these cam chain or belts? Expected life of a looked...
  19. Mikemc

    Getting a new audi

    Is the a5 2.0tfsi the same as the the a4? Oil usage issues? Also quite interested on getting the 3.0 tdi Quattro or the 2.0tdi, Haven't decided fully over the A4 or 5 yet though, and looking into 3 series BMW but would prefer a Quattro
  20. Mikemc

    Downgrading rnse to concert help please

    Sold my rnse yesterday and having issues with getting the concert to power on, can anybody help? I've purchased a repair why but I'm a bit stuck lol