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  1. Andy88

    little help please!

    I have just got my car back today after having my hybrid turbo fitted. I got it home and whilst trying to burn off the remaining oil from the exhaust as instructed there was a loud hissing sound when the car reached 4k rpm (2.0 tdi) it sounded like a hose popping off, has anyone got any ideas as...
  2. Andy88

    New turbo required.

    So basically to cut a long story short i need a new turbo on my 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TDi 140, i have decided to take advantage of this situation and get a Hybrid turbo fitted. After doing some research i think i have found a suitable candidate (MD481 Hybrid turbocharger) now all i need to know is...
  3. Andy88

    New Turbo

    I am trying to cost a new Turbo upgrade for my 2.0 tdi, i have been quoted "£1844.58 (Approx)" and told it will achieve around around 220bhp and 370+ lb/ft but i will need a new performance clutch which is included in the price. Does anybody know if this is a reasonable price for the work and...
  4. Andy88

    opinions please

    I have spent august finally doing some suttle mods to my car and would just like to know what people think! My car is a A3 2.0 TDI se, so far this month i have fitted a Milltek cat-back exhaust, pipercross panel filter and had the car mapped. I have also bought some BBS CK's 19" and a FK...
  5. Andy88

    locking nut removal

    I started to change my alloys tonight and found out that the guy at national tyres has rounded off my wheel locking nut adapter with his impact driver. Decided to give it a go anyway and needless to say i am now stuck with 19" bbs on the front and 17" se wheels on the back! Does anyone know of...
  6. Andy88

    front centre arm rest

    Hi the small catch is broken on the front center armrest in my a3, im not sure of the exact part number because of the colour (cream) but its something along the lines of this 8P0 864 245. do you have a price for the catch or the upper section of the armrest in this colour, Thanks.
  7. Andy88

    front centre arm rest

    I have been scowering ebay for months and can not find a replacement lid/catch for the front centre arm rest in my a3. I managed to break it the day i bought the car and have been after one ever since, i did ask at stockport audi when i had my last service and was told that i would have to buy a...
  8. Andy88

    Rear Wiper Problem 06 Audi A3 2.0 TDi se 140

    When i spray the jet on my rear windscreen wiper the water comes out but its more a fine dribble than a jet of water like it is blocked up with dirt. I have tried to clear the jets with a needle and also had a go at it with an air compressor but with no luck. So this afternoon i decided i would...