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  1. Mike.M

    Wheel colour decisions!

    I want to refresh the finish on the rims and can't decide on powder coat colour. The original is hyper silver but TWS are unable to match that colour, but I want something a little different I think this time. The left wheel is chrome (silver base, chrome then lacquer) with the powder coat...
  2. Mike.M

    Gearbox oil clarification

    I want to do the gearbox oil change soon, My TPS contact does not know the grade VW use these days and it is not stated anywhere on their systems apparently so do I get genuine or Fuchs equiv? Mine is a 6 speed AVF 1.9 TDI Buy genuine bottle Fuchs Titan Sintofluid 75W-80 Fuchs Titan...
  3. Mike.M

    S3 8P replacement opinions

    What do people think of the S3 8P as a replacement to the A4 B6 as toying with getting one.....from our perspective. It would be a early 07/08 one, but would mod it obviously. Not sure how much I would get for mine either.
  4. Mike.M

    Sport steering wheel

    Since getting the sline steering wheel, I am thinking of selling my VGC original sport one but not sure what price to sell it at or should I just keep the ****** LOL. Does £30 plus postage sound reasonable considering it is not worn, scratched or anything really. Here are some pics to give an...
  5. Mike.M

    Plastidip wheels or not

    Been thinking for a while I might plastidip my alloys a metallic anthracite colour with a glossifier to finish as don't like the matt look with the weather warming up or should I leave them be
  6. Mike.M

    Blacksmoke map opinions

    Looking for an easy on the engine map so Blacksmoke has popped up as usual. Mainly interested in poeple with the AVF engine and blacksmoke, but what are peoples updated experiences with the map on a PD130 since it was installed? It also looks like I would have to send my original map off to be...
  7. Mike.M

    HELP - oil leak and pressure in cam cover case

    Well I have an oil leak and thought it was the cam cover gasket so changed it, but the leak is still there. I then decided to do the oil cap test, where it is loose while the engine is running and it bounces about the place like a mad man. I then checked the PCV breather to see if there was...
  8. Mike.M

    Engine mounts

    Well I am looking into replacing my engine mounts as they are both starting to leak and both have the monitoring sensors in the side. I know the B5, B6 and B7 mounts are all interchangable, so focusing on the solid rubber B5 RS4 at the moment but worried about extra transmission...
  9. Mike.M

    Turbo oil return pipe leak

    Was under the car at the weekend and noticed a small oil leak coming from the joint of the oil return pipe into the block. I assume the washer has failed and will need replacing, so would need to remove the pipe......question is, would I need to drain the engine oil off, or could I jack the car...
  10. Mike.M

    Rattle noise on idle help!

    I have a rattle noise on idle that is getting annoying now and worse when air con is on, not off like the normal issues I have read up on. I replaced the alternator pulley and then the tensioner as it was slightly bouncing last month and appeared to help for a short while............the belt is...
  11. Mike.M

    Alternator belt tensioner change - AVF

    has anyone changed the tensioner of the aux belt on an AVF engine. Mine has the late, spring wound tensioner that unlike the earlier shock a sober type. Main question is how I lock the tensioner so I can remove it , as can't seem to find a hole to put a locking pin in when tension is taken off...
  12. Mike.M

    PD130 noise on idle.....suspect it is the AC pulley

    Well been noticing over the last few days a rattling/squeek noise like a worn bearing I guess coming from the front of the engine and from also inside the car, and is more vocal when the car is at idle and warmed up. When the AC is turned off the noise disappears which makes me think my AC...
  13. Mike.M

    Remap dilemma!

    Planning on getting a remap for my birthday next month and been offered a Revo map from a registered dealer where my mate works for £200 cash but before the offer I was swinging towards a Shark map for £250 but this would require me to travel a way. Still thinking of a Shark map but unsure...
  14. Mike.M

    Black Cloth Sport Interior

    Well testing the water as bought myself a complete leather B7 sline interior and thinking is it worth keeping or selling my sport black cloth seats and doorcards......all in VGC and planning on keeping the car a long time. Any idea on price to sell or people that may be interested Cheers.
  15. Mike.M

    TMC module for Sat Nav Interface

    What is a TMC module for Sat Nav dash interface worth. I have advertised mine in classifieds for £50 and wondering if that is about right as it is in VGC? Cheers.
  16. Mike.M

    Delete :)

  17. Mike.M

    Uprated shocks and standard sport springs?

    Car is hitting 60k miles and looking to either fit the B5 perches on the front to sort the wheel arch gap .............or looking to change my shocks to FK high tec or more likely the adjustable dampening FK Power High Tecs shocks with my current sport springs so I have more control if they are...
  18. Mike.M

    A4 B7 S-line seats worth the swop

    Well I have been offered a set of Avant S-line seats in black/grey cloth and wondering if it is really worth the hassle of converting the rear to folding in my saloon with the lack of spare time I have these days and also the minor difference in front seats. I have the black cloth sport...
  19. Mike.M

    Wiring diagram for rear doors

    Anyone got the wiring diagram for the rear doors......mine is a manual rear window on my sport