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  1. Matt268uk

    2011 A3 12V switched power in dome light for rearview camera screen

    You can tuck the wiring into the roof lining and run it along into the corner and then down inside the A pillar and straight into the fuse box. Then you can use a piggyback fuse and come off a switched live. It’s the way most of us here have done it.
  2. Matt268uk


    Check out @t8ups at EM Tuning He know all about led bulbs. Great prices and Great service.
  3. Matt268uk

    Check brake pad light

    There appears to be quite a lip on the discs so maybe would benefit with some new ones. There also seems to be a lot of miles on those pads. I think I'd replace them both and that way you know your all good for the future. it's also a good idea to do it yourself as it's a straight forward job if...
  4. Matt268uk

    A3 2012 black edition electric fault

    You won't need that expensive plug, just but the same connectors and re join your broken wires. those connectors are really easy to use and are cheap. If you remove your door card and then your speaker you can pull the loom back through to give you the room to make repairs.
  5. Matt268uk

    Wanted Rear off side door lock actuator

    Just wondering if anyone has a rear drivers side door lock actuator hanging around ? if so please drop me a message. done the other 3 doors over the years now it's the last doors turn before going round again lol. Thanks.
  6. Matt268uk

    Wanted RNSE MAP DVD

    I have one of his discs and they work perfectly. Great price and service too.
  7. Matt268uk

    Sold Audi “rings” puddle lights

    I’m sorry they went a little earlier. Now sold.
  8. Matt268uk

    Sold Audi “rings” puddle lights

    As above in the title I have a set of new and unused led puddle lights. These have the smaller plug socket that’s found on the 8v but are easily installed on an 8P using a small harness from @RobinA3 or using your own method. £30 inc p+p Any questions feel free to ask.
  9. Matt268uk

    Cigarette lighter/12V socket turn off always-on function

    As Leon said above, all you need is a piggyback fuse and loom, something like this and takes just a little while and is really easy to fit. nextbase-dash-cam-hardwire-kit-159302.html
  10. Matt268uk

    RNS-E Bluetooth enable telephone

    It’ll all need coding in. I think your best bet would be to find someone with VCDS from the map and ask them to activate it all for you but may be difficult right now with current restrictions.
  11. Matt268uk

    LED’s not illuminating on light switch

    Thank you guys for your help. The diagram showing the led’s is great. I’ve had it apart several times but couldn’t really see anything but now I’ll just realised and see what happens.
  12. Matt268uk

    A3 8P3 sportback audio retrofit options

    Also with all aftermarket head units you'll lose some info on your DIS as they won't show radio station, that will only appear on the head unit itself. Some people like the info on the dis and some don't care but just a heads up.
  13. Matt268uk

    LED’s not illuminating on light switch

    Hey everyone. I have in my A3 the led that would normally light up green when you turn on your side lights has stopped coming on, actually it’s more intermittent but off more than on. Can I take this apart, clean and generally have a fiddle or has it had it and needs replacing ? Thanks in...
  14. Matt268uk

    Newbie - looking at an A3 Sline TFSi Q tomorrow!! ADVICE PLS :)

    At that age, price and mileage I think I'd pass on that car, you can probably find a better example. Probably not what you want to hear; sorry just my opinion.
  15. Matt268uk

    Tuning Audi A3 2.0 TDI quattro 170BHP

    Stage 1 through APR might also be a good choice.
  16. Matt268uk

    5w30 or 5w40?

    Get yourself some of this.
  17. Matt268uk

    Thank you! Happy day!

    That's something I never thought of, when I did mine, I went with S3 seats. The person you need to speak to would be Ash187. He runs Audi retrofitters and am positive he'd be able to answer your question.
  18. Matt268uk

    Thank you! Happy day!

    Nice job,rewarding when doing stuff for yourself. Get yourself a secondhand hvac unit and the looms from Kufatec and the heating seats will be working in no time, that’s an easier retrofit than doing your cc. You’ll just need to code them in once the physical part is done.
  19. Matt268uk

    Sold Genuine Audi LED Entry Area Light Kit 'Four Rings' Logo with Narrow Plug

    If you already have puddle lights on your 8P these would be a easy swap. The lights are identical in size, it’s only the connection that’s a different size but it’s very easy to get a small loom made up to convert from a member here. Contact member @RobinA3 for looms.