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  1. Customboy

    Jardo's gone and got an 8P diesel slayer! ***with Instagram updates***

    Love it jardo great choice get down to rtech ASAP !! Niki did mine a few weeks ago 170bhp 315ftlb torque !! And loads of room for more got to love TDI it's the future :)
  2. Customboy

    Full custon TDI cold air intake fitted pics inside will upload video also

    How does this effect the mpg mate looks great and is red the only colour ? And what filter is being used ?
  3. Customboy

    Rims.... Need opinions on these guys.....

    Nice choice I think these wheels look very smart and suits the Audi well :)
  4. Customboy

    EGR Delete : Best Place to get ECU done

    This is the kit I bought and fitted mate EGR Delete Kit Volkswagen Golf 2.0 Tdi 140 Road sport (semi electronic only) Hope it helps
  5. Customboy

    EGR Delete : Best Place to get ECU done

    Avnt I bought a full EGR delete kit from allgard aluminium products great but of kit and isn't too hard to fit
  6. Customboy

    EGR Delete : Best Place to get ECU done

    Hi mate just did this last week on my a3 tdi 140, once done yes you will get engine light on, I'm booked in with RTech next Saturday for a full map and highly recommend them, but all depends how far you wish to travel, I'm in se London, rtech are in Hinckley, failing that just google search on...
  7. Customboy

    Hi everyone I'm back in a Audi and loving it ;)

  8. Customboy

    Hi everyone I'm back in a Audi and loving it ;)

    Yeah that's me adamski ;) I'm back lol, hi sayam I got the full kit for a oil service from a good friend called Darren who helps run the comrades of vag group, he sells all bits and got this great kit for me, I asked him best oil to use and he sorted it all out for me, he did recommend this oil...
  9. Customboy

    Updated photo's of my show Audi A3 2013

    Looks great well done ;)
  10. Customboy

    Newbie looking for advice!

    Great looking motor and great new owner ;) keep us posted on mods when they evtually come !!
  11. Customboy

    Hi everyone I'm back in a Audi and loving it ;)

    Cheers alig, forgot go add all work was done even before I got thr logbook so wallet keeps getting lighter lol ;)
  12. Customboy

    Hi everyone I'm back in a Audi and loving it ;)

    Hi everyone, well I'm back, been a while as my Audi a3 1.8t 8l was written off and left me Injured and heartbroken as I did so much work on it, but I bought a Subaru impreza wagon and spend loads modding her and having fun but alas it wasnt a Audi here she is below She was running 337bhp with...
  13. Customboy

    Before my first A3 V6 purchase, please!

    The way I see it jay it's like the roll of a dice, some cars will suffer straight away just sadly sods law and others may last and live and give you many years of happiness, the way I see it wether your buying from a friend of not always get it checked over mate as a chat with a friend isn't a...
  14. Customboy


    Welcome to a brand new world and well done on a great looking motor! If you have a warranty resist the temptation of the dark side to modify her !! Lol
  15. Customboy

    suspension choices

    Hi s3 kev well my a3 was fitted with FK coilovers when I bought it, it was slammed hard to the floor and I couldn't clear speed bumps, I tried to raise the coilovers only to find they where ssized, so bought a set of AP coilovers from dpm performance for £430, and what a fantastic bit of kit...
  16. Customboy

    I cannot stop smiling.

    No pics - no proof it happened lol, congratulations mate ;)
  17. Customboy

    White smoke and plenty of it!

    May be a turbo issue get it checked over mate and don't push the car to hard till u source the problem
  18. Customboy

    White smoke and plenty of it!

    Have you checked the oil for any white gunk? Signs of head gasket, but check your turbo seals and see if u have any leaks anywhere, or could be signs of a turbo issue