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    Anyone own 1.8t quattro?

    Looking for abit more info on these cars. Anyone got one thats has been modified, ie bigger turbo kit ect. are they the same engines and the 1.8t a3? Thanks, Tom
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    Help choosing new car

    MK4 Golf GT TDi 150?
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    Which RS4

    For sure, the sound is just amazing!
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    What car shall i get next?

    b5 rs4 or b6 s4
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    John Terry's sister filmed on a tram...

    Who cares who lives in what country, what color their skin is, the religious or political views. She is worse than anyone on that tram in my opinion!
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    Fathers New Motor. Pictures.

    The one out of the film Repo Men looks awesome!!
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    Nissan GTR, the original

    In my opinion one of the coolest cars EVER! Always had a love for these from a young teenager, shame I will never afford one :( Taken from Classic Find: First-Generation 1970 Nissan Skyline GT-R Coupe S45 - Carscoop "The first Skyline GT-R was launched in Japan originally as a four door sedan...
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    Santa pod/Gti festival Pics

    That "E5URO" is awesome! Like the look of the A4 aswell, some wicked pic there mate!
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    2003 A4 2.5 TDi will a LCR splitter fit?

    awesome :) much hassle to fit?
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    2003 A4 2.5 TDi will a LCR splitter fit?

    Awesome, any pics anyone?
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    2003 A4 2.5 TDi will a LCR splitter fit?

    Hey guys one of my mates has just got a 2003 A4 2.5 TDi Quattro, really nice motor. He recently drove us about 600 miles for a night out with a mate who is away at uni. Refused any fuel money just because he is like that so though it would be a nice gesture to get him a little add on for the car...
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    Anthracite R32 Alloys on S3... Opinions Please!

    Them R32's look awesome mate :thumbsup:
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    I've just learnt something about my S3 - after only 7.5 years of ownership....

    took me over a year to find the little sun visor behind the mirror with me golf haha
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    My new hero, our new Prime Minister?

    I love this man!
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    What else is needed? GT28 build?

    May own it soon, have a track S3 and a daily S3 :)
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    What else is needed? GT28 build?

    CDA no good? EDIT: with a front mount ic on would this fit? Awesome - Neuspeed Race Series Cold Air Intake - Golf Mk4/Bora 1.8T/V6 w/Air Pump
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    What else is needed? GT28 build?

    it's this one Audi : Audi S3 2003 1.8T Quattro - Big Turbo 325BHP!!
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    What else is needed? GT28 build?

    Have found an S3 for a friend with these modifications... * TTS Roadsport - GT28 Big Turbo Conversion - 325BHP * Custom "Crinkle" Coated Black Engine Bay Finishing * Cruise Control * Forge Motorsport Short Shifters * Weitec Coilover Suspension Kit * Uprated Dog Bone Mount * Milltek Cat Back...
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    A few changes :) to the nos kit in my s3

    how much difference does nitrous make? may sound sill but never been in a car with it.