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  1. wuta3

    Low oil indicator not triggering

    Hi all, I used to own a 2.0TFSI, and as a result am super paranoid about oil levels. I checked the oil level in my RS3 yesterday and found it just below min on the dipstick ... lucky! Not too concerned about the oil burn rate, but the dashboard low oil warning hasn't triggered. I'd have...
  2. wuta3

    Powdercoat on "blade" 5 RS3 wheels

    Hi all, I just got my wheels powdercoated in satin black. They are the 2018 OEM blade type wheels. They were a bit kerbed, had a previous referb and didn't work with the green wrap. I think these blade wheels with the black/chrome-face look really lovely in a non-gloss black. What you think...
  3. wuta3

    No suspension options in 'individual' drive select?

    Hi all, My 2018 RS3 saloon, i'm very sure has magride. When I change between comfort and dynamic, it is noticable. In the "Individual" options menu for drive select I have: Gearbox Steering Quattro Engine sound But no suspension options. I found this after watching some RS3 youtube videos...
  4. wuta3

    Where do you put your keys?

    I'm one of those people that, even though I have keyless entry, have my keys in my hand when getting in the car. Once in the car, I throw my keys in the cup holder or door to rattle around while I drive. Where does everyone else stash their keys?
  5. wuta3

    Interior uphosterer for alcantara headliner + bits

    Hi, Anyone know a good interior upholsterer for a headliner alcantara job and some interior bits? Ideally in the northwest of England Cheers!
  6. wuta3

    My car is interweb famous

    Title is half joking, checkout the latest video of EVIL GT on YouTube " WE GOT OUR WHEELS POWDERCOATED FOR *FREE* ... BUT WAS IT ANY GOOD?" my car is on the video for a mo, but an all round cracking channel with good content. Found them a while ago, they've got an RS3 themselves and a few other...
  7. wuta3

    Gearbox found neutral or didn't want to engage clutch

    Hi all, Had something weird happen giving it some SERIOUS BEANS on some country roads. I was in 3rd, hit the brakes for a corner, downshifted to 2nd ... And then no power. The car revved freely, the dash said I was in 2nd gear, but it felt like the clutch wasn't engaged. I shifted to 3rd then...
  8. wuta3

    Sports exhaust question

    So i'm currently planning a stage 3 build without getting in to internals, but I have a question about the OEM sports exhaust (black tips) on pre-OPF (2018) RS3... Am I right that: The stock exhaust only has cats on the DP no secondary cats? The sports exhaust isn't restrictive, only a decat...
  9. wuta3

    I did a thing

    I got my car wrapped. I LOVE IT. Do you?
  10. wuta3

    IPA Rubdown Question

    Hi all, I cleaned my car at the weekend, and gave it an isopropyl alcohol "buff off" after the wash (1:3 IPA/water dilution). I did this as the car is being wrapped and I wanted to clear the paint of any polish after removing fallout etc. Now, i've done full weekends of claying and polishing...
  11. wuta3

    Service bits PNs

    Hi all, The oil change interval on the MMI seems really long so going to do an interim oil change, pollen filters, etc. A few questions: What're the parts numbers for the OE oil filter/sump bolt and washer/pollen filter? Is the sump aluminium (2018- car)? Anything else anyone thinks is worth...
  12. wuta3

    Idiot Paintless Dent Removal

    Hi all, I'm trying to get a small dent corrected (see pic) The last guy I had out said it needed filling and painting and in the process used HIS HAND to scrub dirt off the paint and swirled the paint before leaving. What a cool guy. I'm at the end of my rope trying to get this car prepped...
  13. wuta3

    Stock 2018 RS3 Dyno results

    Hi all, Weird circumstance led to me having my stock 2018 RS3 Saloon on the dyno. Thought i'd post the results. The run was limited by the speed limiter (the vertical line on the graph is where the limiter was hit) so didn't record max BHP which looks like it would be well over 400bhp as...
  14. wuta3

    Syvecs ECU

    Hi all, Is anyone here running a Syvecs ECU? Long story short, I have free access to a 4wd dyno and am looking at getting in to custom tuning but want to pick someone's brain beforehand specifically with regards the RS3 platform.
  15. wuta3

    NW Paint correction + Smart Repair Recommendation

    Hi all, So my 2018 RS3 in Mythos Black (what a pain to keep looking nice!) has a few minor bits that need sorting: Minor ding on front qtr panel above the arch Minor ding behind passenger door Minor front arch stone chip and ding Poor chip repair A-pillar Poor paint throughout (swirls...
  16. wuta3

    CETE Valve Controller delivery times

    Hi all, The delivery info on the CETE website is a bit vague. After you got your CETE invoice, how long before the item landed on your doorstep?
  17. wuta3

    Launch question

    Hi all, So I have done a few launches in my 2018 RS3 ... I have noticed that after planting the brake pedal and engaging the throttle ... the clutch bites a bit and the car lurches, then the revs drop, the clutch disengages and then it revs freely to 4k rpm or whatever it is ready for...
  18. wuta3

    New A3 hips looks like an M2?`

    Anyone else think this rear end is a bit too similar? Don't get me wrong, I like the M2 ... but ...
  19. wuta3

    Subtle dashcam recommendations

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a dashcam for my RS3, but I really don't want a big old square block with a touch screen looking ugly in the interior. Ideally looking for something with front/rear cams (or can any hook in to the reversing camera??) that is as subtle as possible but producing the...
  20. wuta3

    M2 competition VS RS3 rolling drag

    Couldn't find this already posted. Cracking video ... mainly because the RS3 beasts the M2