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  1. IJB1959

    Audi money pot

    The 'money pots' are an optional extra which is why he kept them.
  2. IJB1959


    HTB is absolutely correct. You are protected under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 IF you rejected the car within 30 days (I didn't know you did that). Bear in mind that you need everything in writing, as anything verbal will not help your case at all. You will also be entitled to reasonable...
  3. IJB1959


    Then I really do not understand why your claim has not been settled in your favour if: 1. You have written proof of a gearbox failure. 2. A remap cannot be proved either way so discount that as the issue. 3. They agreed to take the car back for a refund. 4. The car still has an unresolved...
  4. IJB1959


    I assume that the car was sold to you with an unapproved remap? they also agreed to take the car back so in any court they will loose. The only issue you may have is lack of evidence if you have nothing in writing to back this all up. Are they claiming the car is now working ok? The report you...
  5. IJB1959

    For Sale Autowatch Ghost

    I now have for sale a DTUK Tuning box complete. It also has the £50.00 Bluetooth programming option added. For 2017 - 20 S4/S5 petrol. Fully working, great bit of kit....genuine 3.8-3.9 0-60mph...
  6. IJB1959

    For Sale Autowatch Ghost

    I was told that if it's location cannot be confirmed it could be up to £300.00!
  7. IJB1959

    For Sale Autowatch Ghost

    Yes, should be registered on their system......but if you don't have the original installer's details you are looking at 2-3 hundred to have it located and removed as it can be located anywhere on the CANBUS and is the size of a thumbnail. A registered installer charges about £100 to fit it.
  8. IJB1959

    Opinions on Wrap Colour

    TBH, I like them both. Either will make your car stand out from the crowd!.....only downside with 'loud' wraps is you need to be careful where you park. I have known 'stand out' wrapped cars to be vandalised.
  9. IJB1959

    For Sale Autowatch Ghost

    I have an Autowatch Ghost for sale removed from my B9 Audi S5 as it is end of lease (not boxed). All you need to do is have it fitted by an approved installer. £100.00 no offers. Will work on any A4/A5 B9, S4/S5 B9 Will post FOC. PM me if interested.
  10. IJB1959

    2020 A5 Facelift...

    I get your point. It does cost a lot to run, BUT you should know that before you buy it. My issue is that diesel cars are now considered a 'dirty' word and with emissions laws, more hybrids & full electric cars becoming more popular, the resale value will take a massive hit in a couple of years...
  11. IJB1959

    I see you removed your quote on the new S5 pretty sharpish.

    I see you removed your quote on the new S5 pretty sharpish.
  12. IJB1959

    2020 A5 Facelift...

    I really don't know what Audi were thinking with this facelift S5. A diesel engine and FAKE quad exhausts! My B9 S5 goes in a few weeks and will miss it, wouldn't ever consider the new one though. Heard one start up and my local dealer and it sounded utter cr*p which is a real shame....basically...
  13. IJB1959

    S5 Replacement Ordered

    Selling all my mods next month ready for new RR Sport. What do you recon you would get for the Milltek?? Don't blame you for getting the 840i M sport....great car and I'm sure you will love it. Shame the new S5 has gone oil burner, I'm told it is a bit of a let down compared to the petrol other...
  14. IJB1959

    MyAudi Down?

    It has not worked for ages. You just get server error, typical Audi.
  15. IJB1959

    S5 Spark Plugs

    All Audi approved servicing and part changes are logged using the internet, therefore changing them yourself may well void warranty. A set of 6 2017 on NGK premium spark plugs is £72.22 so someone is taking the...
  16. IJB1959

    Fitting front parking sensors 2017 S5

    Your gonna have to cut out the grille for those I'm afraid. Unless done by a pro it's gonna look pretty s**t.
  17. IJB1959

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    I think you had a lucky escape NOT getting the new diesel is horrible with fake sounds in the cabin from the stereo, and now with false quad tail pipes that are obvious from behind. I would be embarrassed to own one. Audi have now ruined a once great car, as they have with the new S6 as...
  18. IJB1959

    Order frustration

    It was the S5’s
  19. IJB1959

    Order frustration

    TBH, I would never buy another factory ordered Audi again. If you look back on some of the 2016/17 threads a load of people cancelled for being pi****d about, as was I. You will have a VERY long wait regardless of what they tell you my friend.