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    170ps dpf sensor fault

    Mine was the same, and kept going into fault so its in today having the DPF removed and mapped
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    Had to bite the bullet!!!!

    Who did the work for you?
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    Thanks to Ric @ Unicorn for the DPF delete

    what was the cost if you dont mind me asking??
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    Faulty TPMS ?

    Cant remember the part no but they are allways on e bay, the bateries in the sensors only last a few years so if ones gone the others will soon follow
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    Faulty TPMS ?

    Ive got it on mine, when i bought mine the sensors and valves had been removed from the wheels so i had the warning light on, a local garage falsley diagnosed the sender unit when it was the fact that the units werent even fitted,Audi units and valves are about £100 each but i got some off e bay...
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    Anyone else with this problem on 2006 2.0 TDi? Injectors...

    after reading the last page of this thread last week i rang audi customer services who were extremly helpful and arranged to book the car into the local dealership that week, sure enough all four injectors were replaced foc, even though the car was bought from elsewhere, this was followed up by...
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    my 2006 2.0tdi is going in on friday, think audi will be inundated soon
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    Is anyone running Eibach springs on their B7 A4, wanna know what your opinions are??

    Had them on my A4 cab, looked great and the ride was ok but had to be really carefull with speed bumps
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    B5 S4 headunit

    No probs, wont be advertising it till the new year .
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    B5 S4 headunit

    Rob ,ive got an Alpine D106 r for sale, had it in my a4 cab , single din, flip up screen, does dvd cd also ive got the alpine bluetooth unit and is ready for i pod, looking for £300 all in.
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    tyre pressure sensors

    Does anyone know if this system can be disabled on a 2006 a4 avant? seems more trouble than its worth.
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    rns-e or non genuine from ebay

    Any news on what its like???
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    Audi A4 Service in North West Cheshire Area

    You could try Unit 20 in Neston, not far from Cheshire Oaks ,they did a full service on mine for £210 inc plugs using genuine parts.