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  1. illingworth22

    APR Stage 1 + TVS Stage 2+

    I only had the drivability map but I do have 12 months to upgrade to Stage 2 if I so wish!
  2. illingworth22

    APR Stage 1 + TVS Stage 2+

    Three word.... TVS! Do it It’s how the DSG should have been from the start!
  3. illingworth22

    Facelift TVS engineering S tronic map

    @Marshy How do you find the TVS Drivability Map when in Sport Mode, as in what changes are there to the way it changes? The one thing I don't like on the Audi DSG is the time it takes to get to the next gear, 3rd, and you end up looking a tool revving the nuts of your car, that and it constantly...
  4. illingworth22

    [FL] Revo stage 1 opinion

    Hi Brennar3... where are you located? I am in a similar position to you, looking at APR remap and DSG vs REVO and TVS. Location is Dublin. Missing 98 RON ;) Which Map are you leaning towards?
  5. illingworth22

    GPF REVO Stage 1

    I take it OPF is the newest version, WTLP, mine is a 2018 Face Lift but pre OPF, I assume. I was thinking of going down the APR route and getting the APR DSG map and a second map for 98 RON (we only get 95 here in the Republic of Ireland). But I am not too fussed, like yourself, about switching...
  6. illingworth22

    APR Stage 1 + TVS Stage 2+

    Let us know how you get on.. I am considering Revo & TVS only as the Revo dealer is closer but the other option is APR for both and then the DSG tune is discounted. Would you not consider APR for the DSG and the Map? I am new to this so I am doing plenty of lock down research.
  7. illingworth22

    GPF REVO Stage 1

    Great write up @Ricko0073 just the write up I was looking for. Can I ask, have you looked at any other mods on top of your stage 1? Intercooler or discs? My local dealer has TVS and Revo and I was considering both... my only problem is that we can only get 95 ron petrol here in Ireland and not...
  8. illingworth22

    Door pockets - felt lining

    Following in hope of a group buy :blow:
  9. illingworth22

    Facelift New exhaust due to valve stick

    I have noticed that my ( Nov 2018) saloon valve is stuck in the open position intermittently. Are there two flaps on the exhaust, i.e. one on either side?
  10. illingworth22

    Facelift Taking my RS3 FL to stage 1...

    Watching this with interest, are you looking into any sort of DSG tune? I have been chatting to my local REVO dealer and they don't seem to have the DSG tune, yet, and I am not sure if it is something they are working on. I also looked (on the old tinterweb) at APR, they have a DSG and Engine...
  11. illingworth22

    DSG remap options

    I was just looking at this and it seems APR now have a DQ500 Map My local Revo dealer is trying to get into talks with TVS
  12. illingworth22

    Facelift Lost Google Earth!

    I was Yes I have the new Audi App on the iPhone. It sends to the car but the car doesn't seem to receive the data. I have connected the iPhone with both cable and BT. Do I need to be connecting to the car's WiFi also..... I mean home many connections has this car got :( My fault really as the...
  13. illingworth22

    Facelift Lost Google Earth!

    The system on this car is *****.... I lost mine several times and I can't for the life remember how, each time, I get Google Maps back. The menus are created so as you never remember how to navigate the ******* thing! I had a 2013 S3 with a SIM card installed and could send destinations to the...
  14. illingworth22

    Sportback Proram intake £300

    It’s a big saving based on the adventuring one for 6 x’s the price....
  15. illingworth22

    Karp Performance Drop in filter replacement

    This may be a stupid question... but what is the cleaning and oil kit used for?
  16. illingworth22

    Square setup and tyre choice - hot climate

    Hey Up.... slightly off topic, but where in Yorkshire are you from and where are you now? I am originally from the Wakefield/Ossett area and now live in Dublin. I have also lived in the States and the Caribbean....
  17. illingworth22

    Rs3 Eventuri Intake and others

  18. illingworth22

    Facelift Michelin Offer

    I thought the RS3 didn't like anything but P-Zero's?
  19. illingworth22

    MyAudi App

    I have been Googling the Bow-Lix out of the internet searching for an answer to this. I came from a 2106 BMW M2 which I could lock and un-lock, turn on and flash the headlights as well as locate the car on the App map and send destinations or routes to the car's Sat Nav. I can't seem to do...