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  1. Big Al

    Meyle HD Control Arm Set - Amazon discounted to £108.69 this time!!

    Guys, just noticed today this set has been reduced to £108.69!!! :wtf: That's even less than we paid!! Get your orders in quickly!!! For comparsion, Amazon are also selling the same kit without the ARB drop links for £330 more!! Meyle...
  2. Big Al

    Go Faster Bits DV+ T9351 turbo bypass valve for TFSI engines review

    I've just fitted a GFB DV+ T9351 turbo bypass valve to my Audi A4 B7 2.0 TFSI Quattro, and I'm so impressed with it I thought I would write a product review and installation guide for ASN. This is what it looks like - So what is it, how does it work, how do you fit one, what are the...
  3. Big Al

    A4 B7 TFSI Quattro car insurance just renewed

    Today I just renewed my car insurance with Sky Insurance. Worked out cheaper than Prestige and the package is much better. Audi A4 B7 TFSI Quattro with Audi 18" alloys, Forge bits and towbar (to be fitted), 75000 miles - value £7500 - 10000 miles annual use Aged 43, no points, full no claims...
  4. Big Al

    Audi S3 8L rear wings/arches possibly available to buy - checking interest?

    I've got the opportunity to buy a set of rear wings/arches for a 3 door S3 8L as part-exchange for the complete body shell I'm looking to sell to a professional Audi salvage breaker - who owns a rapid drag racer! He needs my shell as a spare for his car, but has these wings off a front damaged...
  5. Big Al

    Are these real or fake BBS CH 18" x 8.5J alloys on Ebay?

    Real or fake BBS CH alloys? :shrug: Advertised as genuine, but not sure.... **REDUCED** Genuine BBS CH 8.5" x 18" Alloy Wheels ET30 5x100 Audi TT VW Golf | eBay Many thanks in advance... :hi: Alistair :blackrs4:
  6. Big Al

    18" rim width advice with 6 pot Forge or Porsche calipers on S3 8L?

    I'm looking to buy a set of 4* 18" Rota Drift series rims -either the 9.5" ET23 Grid, 9" ET35 G Force or 8.5" ET35 Grid Would like to fit 6 pot front Forge or Porsche calipers (18Z) with either 330 or 356mm rotors , so am wondering which is the widest rim I can fit, ideally without rolling the...