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  1. BASS 666


    hi guys. got a real melter of a problem. a few wks ago i started my car, it starts on the button with one turn of the key since i bought it four yrs ago but this time it turned over about seven times before starting. so this has been happening all the time now, and now and again it starts first...
  2. BASS 666

    wheres my water ?

    hi guys and gals. this has been covered before but im looking for some fresh ideas. my car is using water [1.9 130 bhp pd a4 ] and its driving me nuts. im a mechanic and for the life of me i cant work out were the water is going. it uses a pint every few days. you name it iv tried it, presure...
  3. BASS 666

    angel eyes

    got my new headlights last week and fitted them a couple of days ago. i thought they were great but hated the yellow angel eyes so i made some enquiries about LEDs for them and was able to get some off the net (fortune). what a difference. what do you think ?
  4. BASS 666


    Audi A4 01- ANGEL EYE HEADLAMPS BLACK HEADLIGHTS NEW on eBay (end time 29-Nov-10 15:33:51 GMT) hi lads and gals. i was thinking of buying these lights has anyone seen them in the raw and what are they like for quality ? if not what do you think in general ?
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    more carbon..

    got my dash and door trims wrapped in carbon vinyl a few months ago by a mate of mine whos been at it 13 yrs. so i took these off and got them done, i think it completes the set. what do you think ?
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    what do you think ?

    here is a photo of my car with the back lights showing. as you can see round the edge of the b6 back lights is a reflector so that bit doesnt light up. the other photo is the same only with the reflector painted the same colour as the car. what do you think ? obviously you would need to get it...
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  8. BASS 666


    got this off fleabay what do you think ? sorry about the pic..
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    been on here for a while and im getting used to some of the slang words and stuff but i would like to know what IMO means im not big on txt talk even on my mobile phone.
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    s line wheel

    anyone know where i would get an airbag COVER for this steering wheel ? theres one on ebay 71 quid 19 quid p+p and i wouldnt pay that for a piece of plastic. i just need the cover thats all. thanks.
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    s line wheel

  12. BASS 666

    new blades

    put my new blades on today even tho i have skirts. some people on here think its too much and some think it looks well from what i have read. what do you think ????
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    please will someone tell me why i cant post pics ? i have loaded all my pics onto facebook and got addresses for them. when i post my pic a box appears with a cross through it and the pic does not publish. when i read my posting permissions it says YOU MAY NOT POST ATTACHMENTS [IMG CODE IS ON]...
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    no response

    hi guys and gals. i have went to the bottom of the page to the CONTACT US part and sent 4 emails (mesgs) over the last lot of days. as yet i have recieved no answ back. if they answ me back is it in the form of an email or will it go into my mesgs cause as yet there is nothing. thanks.
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    img code

    how do i put pics on the site ? it says i cant do it cause my img code is on what is img code and what do i do to turn it off ? thanks...
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    door blades

    hi guys anyone know where i can get a set of s line door blades from, cheaper than TPS and AUDI ? i have tryed ebay and breakers yards to no avail. my car is a 2002 a4 b6 model. cheers. first time on this so excuse me if i have made a **** up..
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