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  1. SW14NY'S

    S3 Alloy Wheel Paint Defects

    What's the standard of the paint on everyone's alloy wheels? Behind the spokes on my S3 the paint is not very good imho [emoji53] it's seems very thin in places.
  2. SW14NY'S

    Private Reg on a '16' Plate - Yes/No ??

    I have a dilemma.... I have now owned my S3 for nearly 2 mths now and the '16' is nearing its half life cycle and will shortly be out of the limelight as the focus will soon be switching to the new '66' plate. So....with this in mind do I now start thinking of switching my current 16 plate to...
  3. SW14NY'S

    Show us Panther Black Crystal

    Well I finally got my S3 back from my Detailers after handing over the keys after just over 5hrs of ownership and a mere 45mls on the clock. A big thanks to Colin @ Reflections Valeting for his superb work! A full CQUARTZ Ceramic and Gtechiq l1 Smartfibre interior protection [emoji1303]...
  4. SW14NY'S

    A3/S3 Rear Quarter Glass Securing Pins

    Does anyone know if/where I can get some replacement securing pins for the A3/S3 Sportback rear Quarter glass?
  5. SW14NY'S

    Privacy Glass vs Tinting - yes/no

    What are all your thoughts on the 'Privacy Glass' option? ....and if you couldn't add it to the spec list before it became locked, would you consider having the Windows professionally tinted? I'm really in two minds wether to get them done for pickup day or to just leave it as is? I...
  6. SW14NY'S

    What Alcantara Protector do I use?

    I have on order a new S3 in Brilliant Black and the interior option I have gone for is Alcantara/Leather in Lunar Silver. Question is: What's the best product to use for protecting the Alcantara? I've read 'GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric' is a good protector....Has anyone used this?
  7. SW14NY'S

    New S3 ordered.....2nd time lucky

    Firstly....Hi to you all [emoji3] So....I have ordered my 1st S3 (for the second time) after owning x2 Audi TTs both in Coupe and Roadster models. To say I'm excited is an understatement! Here's the spec: Sportback Manual Brilliant Black Black Styling Pack Leather/Alcantara Lunar Silver...
  8. SW14NY'S

    S3 Alcantara & Leather Option....anyone?

    I opted for the Lunar Silver Alcantara & Leather option as I've had leather before and in Scotland even with heated seats it can be freezing, but according to my dealer, he's never sold an S3 with the Alcantara combo before....[emoji53]
  9. SW14NY'S

    Misano Red S3 Sportback Ordered :)

    Hi guys 'n girls After months of deciding and hundreds of configurations later, I finally put my order in for my first S3 with the following Spec: Manual Lunar Silver Alcantara/Leather Comfort Pack Privacy Glass High Beam Assist Hold Assist Interior Light Pack Non Smoking Pack Should take...
  10. SW14NY'S

    Pioneer App Radio In 2012 Mk2 Tt

    I'm just about ready to start installing my Pioneer SPH-DA110 app radio into my 62' plate TT Black edition. Once the cables arrive I'm good to go..... Will replace the Symphony .... I will update on progress on fitting GPS, Mic, rear view camera...hopefully it will all work first time [emoji4]