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  1. Ballcrusher

    photoshop request

    could some one colour code the matt parts please to match the silver as would like see if it makes it look any better. thanks.
  2. Ballcrusher


    looking to service the car this weekend and wondered what spark plugs people recomended ?.
  3. Ballcrusher

    Photoshop request S3 to RS4 exhaust style

    Could someone please photoshop me my car with an exhaust both sides, but wider like the look of the RS4/6
  4. Ballcrusher

    Finally got my car back :yahoo:

    its been a long wait to get my car done but afte 17months the car was dropped back to me today afte only being picked up sat as the gearbox failed on me as well as the transfer box and i managed to get both boxes plus fitting for £1000 all in so im well chuffed. both boxes come from a broken S3...
  5. Ballcrusher


    :yahoo: my car goes in to have full gearbox rebuild and clutch fitted in the 2nd week of feb as its been sitting for 18months. So advice on starting her up for the first time in 13months. Iv baught a new battery-plugs-and it will be fully serviced once the works been done.
  6. Ballcrusher

    Getting my gearbox rebuilt at last :)

    cars been off road now for 18 months but found company in luton that a friends been dealing with and to fully rebuild my S3 gearbox and recovering it for me to. So well chuffed and the total price is £645 but could be cheaper if its only part rebuld so fingers crossed it will be ready for the...
  7. Ballcrusher

    blow off valve

    aint been on line in a long while but last night saw and heard a Y plated s3 with a blow off valve and as the car stopped at some traffic lights i asked the guy does he have any problems being that they should run with a recirculating valve and the guy said none at all as he run it from a...
  8. Ballcrusher

    advice on starting my car after 7 months

    as above my car has been sitting in the garage about 7 months due to the gearbox packing up. ive bought a new Battery and i just wanted to no if its fine just to turn the key or is there anything i should do before as a precaution ?
  9. Ballcrusher

    A bit of helped needed

    long time since ive posted but i need to find a good 2nd hand gearbox as mine packed up back in may. also the car is stuck in 4wd and even when the car running still the same.i rang audi just to see what they would charge for a gearbox and clutch fitted and they came back to me with a price of...
  10. Ballcrusher


    as above slowed down in taffic then went to pull away and the car just stalled tryed to select another gear and nothing but it didnt make any kind of noise to make me think that there was a seemed like it was stuck in 6th gear and wouldnt come out of gear.after a while of trying to...
  11. Ballcrusher

    just painted brake calipers

    started with thr rears first as wasnt to sure how much of the front claipers to paint. so if any one can tell me what parts you can and cant paint will be greatfull.
  12. Ballcrusher

    looking for a swap my number plate

    as above just testing the water present as im looking to get some think kinda cheeky like mine S30 RGY
  13. Ballcrusher

    photo shop request

    could some one plese photoshop my gallardo reps as i would like see what they looked like in anthracite.
  14. Ballcrusher

    are these the wright shocks for my car

    looking to buy some bilstien shocks and wonderd would they be ok to use on my eibach 25mill lowerd springs
  15. Ballcrusher

    free vue

    as any one got freeviue in there car and how good is the reception.?
  16. Ballcrusher

    new gallardos fitted

    went down to elit tyers today in esex to have my wheels fitted but not to sure if they look wright maybe i need to get used to them ?
  17. Ballcrusher

    cambelt replaced

    went down to the ttshop last week to have cambelt kit and water pump fitted they also replaced the auxiliary belt free of cost £399 all in and what a set up that they have got down class service and will deffo use them again .:icon_thumright:
  18. Ballcrusher

    vag-com help

    hello every one changed battery today and when i connected the new one this code come up as the abs light stayed on after starting the car
  19. Ballcrusher

    ABS help help help

    does any one understand this fault code..? it came on after changing the battery
  20. Ballcrusher

    HELP power steering porblem

    ok guys the car started losing fluid but cant see were from and it only leaks when cars running.ive checked as much as much as i can see and but still no joy so if any ones had any sort of power steering problems that may help me understand what to look for it would be greatfull.