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  1. A19quattro

    Sold Audi A3 quattro, 3 door Hatch, 2005, Manual, 2.0 litre TDI.

    Audi A3 quattro S-Line 3 door in Avus silver metallic. 2005 model, I have owned since 2012 and it has wanted for nothing and been my pride and joy. It's a 2.0 16v TDI with 140 bhp and a 6 speed manual gearbox. I bought it with half leather seats and had them fully re-trimmed in back leather with...
  2. A19quattro

    Crop Circles.

    OK I know I seem to be going for a prize for the most random post in a car forum. Also if you don't think I am mad already, I know you likely will soon. This picture was taken by a guy local to me from a drone. I've never seen these before and would be interested to know if it is fake and what...
  3. A19quattro

    Selecting the correct spring weights.

    I have an A3 quattro, 2005 with H&R front springs part No. 29227 V/A (F). I feel they are a bit hard for normal road use but I have kind of grown used to it, although I have never fitted the rears and just kept with my OEM S3 springs which are a wee bit softer. My Wife has a similar car, 2006...
  4. A19quattro

    Tuning boxes, quick question.

    I saw one of these, not for my car second hand an a well known auction site and for much cheapness. I watched it and it never really got many more bids, so I thought if I could find one for my car, it would be a cheaper way of getting a bit more power. I have had the car for 5 years and about...
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    Carista, advice.

    I have been advised to get Carista and the VAG DPF android app as we have issues with a VW T5, EGR DPF etc. I know nothing about these things, I have heard bits and pieces about Carista on here and just ran a search which showed loads of people have it and a variety of things that can be done...
  6. A19quattro

    Facebook log in??

    I tried to start a private conversation tonight and before it could be "published" I was asked for a Facebook login. I am not on Facebook so had to cancel, can anyone explain what this is about?
  7. A19quattro

    Dud Battery??

    Hi, I bought a Halford's calcium battery for my Wife's A3 last February (2017) and she was saying it's a bit slow to start in the mornings and so on so had a look yesterday. The battery indicator says it needs charged, so we took it a run, no better. I put a multi metre on it and it was 12.20...
  8. A19quattro

    Glow plug issue, anyone?

    I have a 2005 A3 TDI quattro and since I got it there has been a blink from the glow plug warning light every time I start the car ( Comes on, blinks of/on and then stays on for approx the usual time). A local mechanic told me he had a car the same and it was the glow plug wiring harness and...
  9. A19quattro

    2 litre TDI (BKD) throttle body/ASV, anyone had problems?

    I had a strange noise from my car today (A3 TDI), sounds like a kind of turning scraping noise, starts when you turn the key, before the engine even starts and continues for a few seconds after you switch off, which made me think not the engine as such. So I narrowed it down to the EGR valve...
  10. A19quattro

    Help to identify Wheel lock bolts.

    Hi my A4 Locking bolt key has stripped the hex on both the 17mm ans 19mm flats so I am now working with an 18mm socket hammered on. I have a code for the key, stamped on it F and 3 numbers and they look exactly like these...
  11. A19quattro

    Magnetic Sump plugs

    Has anyone tried these; they certainly seem cheaper than many other makes but I know they are not teh be alland end all of engine protection but...
  12. A19quattro

    3 Litre TDI (2005), Autobox fluid change?

    Hi I am hoping to get this done to my car in the next couple of months. Audi have the car listed as sealed for life and so I guess it hasn't been changed in 135,000 miles, eek! Anyway, I found these on the bay, anyone any experience of the oils or should I stick to more known brands, maybe even...
  13. A19quattro

    Front wings, where to buy.

    I am going to replace my front wings, they have been repaired before so I am not bothering with Audi warranty and all that, just going to buy them and get them fitted and painted. Anyone got any advice abut what's best to buy, Audi or aftermarket and what's the likely difference in cost?
  14. A19quattro

    Question Gear oils and ATF.

    Mainly about ATF to be fair, I am looking to change my Auto box fluid on my 3 litre TDI A4. The oil needs to be Dexron V1 spec and Opie recommended Motol V1 which is £14 a litre and I need 9 plus the filter, seal and gasket (Audi parts), so it's not a cheap job, even doing it myself. Normally I...
  15. A19quattro

    Question, 12V electrics.

    I am thinking about using a radiator fan as an extractor in my garage, running from a battery, charged by a solar panel, yeah look at me, Ecoman :) I have done this before but without the panel and just charged the battery as required. If I switched it on one day it would turn full pelt and if...
  16. A19quattro

    Like old Audis, you'll love this!

    Audi quattro, how they created a rally legend, great stuff, enjoy;
  17. A19quattro

    Amazon/Prime watch out!

    So I noticed £79 had been taken form my bank card which I did not authorise and I was most unhappy. It is virtually impossible to contact Amazon (what kind of "Customer Service" is that exactly? So I checked online and it seems the payment was for "Prime" membership. I know very little about...
  18. A19quattro

    Rust on front wheelarches.

    Looking for some advice on this, where is the best place to buy front wings and how much should I be expecting to pay? Is it worth trying to get galvanised considering they have rusted anyway, 11 years right enough. I should say I don't think I will get any Audi warranty as the wings have been...
  19. A19quattro

    3.0 TDI Starter identification problem.

    I have a dodgy starter and before it breaks altogeher I would like to get a new one. The car is a 3.0 TDI quattro, 204 bhp with Tiptronic gearbox, so if it dies anywhere other than at home it will be a car transporter job to get it to a garage, otherwise I could probably do it myself , which...
  20. A19quattro

    Haldex fluid, shelf life?

    Does anyone know what the self life should be for Haldex oil. I was surprised I must admit how old it was, must have done my car in 2012 so that is what it was dated, I assume manufacture date rather than use by. When I opened it up and started to pour the first bit was watrry then remainder a...