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  1. Dannykn9

    RNS-E updates

    Mate, just find someone local with VCDS to unlock the cd tray and sort them a few beer tokens.
  2. Dannykn9

    Audi A3 MFSW install and missing parts! need help please

    Tell them to jog on mate!! As long as you are using with an Audi radio/RNS-e, the controls will work! Also if I am not mistaken, with the fiscon units, they should incorporate with the Audi system, and as long as everything is coded correctly including the bluetooth, everything should work like...
  3. Dannykn9

    DIS Cluster upgrade

    Have you physically checked the module by removing the lower cowling to see the part number, or plugged VCDS in to check? Or have you just checked with your local Audi parts department?
  4. Dannykn9

    Mfsw and cruise retro fit 2005 s4

    Have sent you a PM fella.
  5. Dannykn9

    Diagnostic test

    Ping me a PM when ready mate.
  6. Dannykn9

    MFSW on a Audi A3 2007 Quattro need help

    Sorry fella, saw your PM, forgot to reply. No mate, no longer have it. I shouldn't really be discussing it here as a few sponsors are a bit touchy!
  7. Dannykn9

    MFSW on a Audi A3 2007 Quattro need help

    Get vagcom(VCDS) and scan for your module. Simple!
  8. Dannykn9

    Bluetooth elements missing??

    It's seems you have the MMI High 3G system. To check if you have a microphone, press the speech button on the steering wheel, wait for the beep, then say "help". Listen if the lady gives you a list of possible commands, if she does, then you have a mic. Bluetooth will only need to be activated...
  9. Dannykn9

    MFA/DIS stalk retorfit guide for B7 Avant?

    Just the DIS stalk mate and a repair wire to ground, to cancel out the lower washer warning.
  10. Dannykn9

    MFSW on a Audi A3 2007 Quattro need help

    Don't mean to sound rude mate, but you sent me a PM asking the question and I gave you the answer! One wonders why you bothered to PM me in the first place if you are asking the question again.
  11. Dannykn9

    A3 , 2005 | Cruisecontrol issue.

    Check this previous thread
  12. Dannykn9

    A3 , 2005 | Cruisecontrol issue.

    You can replace yourself. Yes, I know you have an A3, but the same principal as an A4. Contact your dealer for the parts. Bare in mind, it may not garauntee to fix your problem, but is first the best place to start. Start with the clutch switch first.
  13. Dannykn9

    A3 , 2005 | Cruisecontrol issue.

    In reality yes, your brake light will be in all the time, however, it may just be intermittent. But yeah, I would be more inclined to think it is the clutch switch, this is very common on the A4 b6 and b7. Also it won't find no faults with a scan as it will think the switches are just activated.
  14. Dannykn9

    A3 , 2005 | Cruisecontrol issue.

    You may have a faulty clutch switch, or brake switch which causes the cruise to disengage.
  15. Dannykn9

    Upgrade To rns-e 2010 model in 2006 Model Audi Bose pin change?

    Hi Adam, just order the following of eBay. AUDI RNS-E adapter A3 A4 A6 Diversity antenna 0141 | eBay There is also a kit with the satellite antenna, but you probably already got one with the unit.
  16. Dannykn9

    MFA/DIS stalk retorfit guide for B7 Avant?

    Hi Jay, here are the following parts you need: Steering Module: 8E0 953 549 Q Slip Ring: 4E0 953 541 A Airbag harness: 4F0 971 589 A Cruise stalk: 4E0 953 521 DIS stalk: 4E0 953 503 "C" Lower cowling: 8E0 953 512 P 6PS (To replace your current one to accept cruise) Note this is the black trim...
  17. Dannykn9

    Possible upgrades

    Hi mate, where in the country is he? If in London, I could possibly sort out. The Cruise can be retrofitted, funny enough, I am doing an install this week for someone else. PM and I will give a rough price of how much he should be paying. Also with regards to the Bluetooth, if he has the later...
  18. Dannykn9

    North London mechanic recommendations

    Ah that's a shame, was a top Guy too. Still worth taking to him though, at least you know the service you will be getting. Cool mate, whenever you need me, give me a shout.
  19. Dannykn9

    North London mechanic recommendations

    Mate, just give Dean a call at 4 rings, he will travel all over London. I have used him many a times and have recommended him to others. I am only up the road from you in N9 and it was never a problem him coming. He even came on Sunday mornings. Just my personal opinion, but 4 rings in my eyes...
  20. Dannykn9

    help with coding

    Hi pal, if you want to take a drive to North London N9 and sort me some beer tokens, I'll code and test it fully for you. Send me a PM