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  1. Tom.H

    It’s been a while!

    @seanbeckerleg It's from the same guy that does the dipyourcar stuff isn't it? I spent ages watching his video's on YouTube, a lot of awesome colours to be made!
  2. Tom.H

    Opinions on Sportback in Ara Blue (chrome)?

    They're the chrome ones in that pic, just look very dark mate. Actually keep toying with the idea of getting chrome ones again lol I do miss the look of those every time I see a car with them.
  3. Tom.H

    Opinions on Sportback in Ara Blue (chrome)?

    Cheers mate, that's from last year but she hasn't really changed lol Done a fair bit of mileage (for me anyway over the past couple of weeks) was in Northumberland week before last - we even crossed over in to Scotland - then down in Wiltshire this weekend just gone.
  4. Tom.H

    Opinions on Sportback in Ara Blue (chrome)?

    Love Ara! This is the closest I found, Sea Blue Stellar made my MacTac
  5. Tom.H

    Next model A3

    Mine has been emails about the A5 - S5 range offering crazy deposit contributions.
  6. Tom.H

    Facelift S3 - Soft Paint

    My sister in law has a few noticeable ones on her Golf as well, that’s white silver. VAG paint was always known for being hard, maybe they’re cutting costs by putting less hardener in it nowadays :tearsofjoy:
  7. Tom.H

    New S3 Owner - Scratch repair

    I'd have thought you'd be able to get the wing mirror cap sorted sorted so long as it's not completely broken, any body shop should be able to repair it.
  8. Tom.H

    Facelift Rear lights always on

    I’ve read that’s not the case for the FL
  9. Tom.H

    Facelift Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Leicester

    @desi112 Can you not put on the spare and just leave the wheel with them as you don’t want to leave the car.
  10. Tom.H

    Changing HID bulbs

    Unfortunately the way a lot of manufacturers do it now, another way to try and get your money! My old 2001 Polo GTi had the bumper off to change the sidelight bulbs, madness! Especially stupid in countries where you need to carry a spare bulb kit, useless if you can’t change it yourself without...
  11. Tom.H

    Next model A3

    Used is one of my considerations at the moment, would love to go RS6 but the cost for a 2 year old one it still crazy! Could be tempted by an RS3, S6, S5 SB or S4 maybe.
  12. Tom.H

    Next model A3

    That’s probably gonna be around £40k basic I bet, closer to £50k with some options! Madness.
  13. Tom.H

    Paddle Shifting Down

    It makes a good noise in dynamic shifting from 2 to 1 at about 3k :sunglasses:
  14. Tom.H

    Changing HID bulbs

    Nope, been looking at some for the wife’s car too. They offer between 150% and 200% more light according to marketing, dubious how accurate that is but they’re supposedly better than OEM.
  15. Tom.H

    time to go maybe

    Surely price wise, the best time to buy lol
  16. Tom.H

    Next model A3

    That was my point, I agree the A8 isn’t compatible but then overall Audi is a more prestige brand. Also agree with your second point, they’ll end up pricing themselves out of the market! Already there’s probably more people on here thinking of leaving Audi or going with used than getting...
  17. Tom.H

    Next model A3

    Well the likes of the new A6/A8 may disagree. The point I was making though is that Audi is seen as a prestige brand supposedly which I think has made them a bit deluded with their pricing. That and having to claw money back from dieselgate etc
  18. Tom.H

    Next model A3

    My bro has just got a brand new Mini Cooper S with a fair few options for around £29k, so when you look at the price for the 1.0 A1 it looks even more daft! Now I know Audi may be more ‘prestige’ but what exactly does that mean nowadays?! The Mini is probably built just as well. The Mini also...
  19. Tom.H

    Next model A3

    Christ, you have to spec a space saver as well as a jack and tool kit! Just shy of £29,500 and that’s not going overboard, be interesting to see how the S1 will be priced!
  20. Tom.H

    I finally sourced one... S3 Saloon

    May not be driven far, but gets driven as it should :icon thumright: