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    Injector Seals or Tandem Pump?

    Nope, I replaced the Tandem Pump but was still the same. Couldn’t be bothered with injector seals. Just lived with it until I sold the car about a month ago by which point it was leaking oil and had even more issues so wasn’t worth it.
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    2.0tdi 170 gearbox oil

    It’s just a basic drain & fill job, but remember to ALWAYS remove the fill bolt before the drain bolt! Last thing you want is an empty gearbox and a fill bolt that is seized in place meaning you can’t refill it. You will need a pump to get the oil into the gearbox also. Literally just drop the...
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    Help Please Audi S4 gearbox overheating?

    $700 Canadian is about £400 or $530 US. Is it not cheaper to buy the one from ECS for $400 US and have them send it across to you? 2011 car would explain the issues, as I mentioned above, pre-2013 cars had inadequate cooling / thermal protection for the PCB. If you replace the PCB and improve...
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    2.0TDi Oil Pump / Balancer shaft problems - the definitive guide! Audi VW Skoda SEAT

    @tesh22 no, so you not need to lock the engine at TDC as long as you DO NOT unbolt the balance shaft unit from the bottom of the engine. Just removing the hex key involves removing a very small circlip at the end which hold it in place and then she shaft just slides out. Mine was stuck due to...
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    Higher Mileage S4

    Which gearbox? S-Tronic may be an issue, especially if not properly serviced.
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    Help Please Audi S4 gearbox overheating?

    First question, what is the year of manufacture for your car? Next, you probably never needed to replace the full mechatronic unit last year to begin with, just the PCB is what tends to be required. Pre-2013 cars have less protection / cooling and the constant heating / cooling as well as...
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    2.0TDi Oil Pump / Balancer shaft problems - the definitive guide! Audi VW Skoda SEAT

    @tesh22 honestly I don't know as I have only done it on an A4 with a longitudinally mounted engine. I know with the VW Passat you can remove the sump in 30 minutes and it has a transverse mounted engine just like the A3, so maybe the A3 is just as easy, but you would need to double check that.
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    2.0TDi Oil Pump / Balancer shaft problems - the definitive guide! Audi VW Skoda SEAT

    @tesh22 99% of the work is dropping the sump, because you need to support the engine from above and lower the subframe to get the sump off. So there is no point at all in just checking it unless you want to do the job twice. It took me 2 full days to do, admittedly while taking my time, but...
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    Blue "wannabe police lights" on car

    At least there is one thing we agree on. :)
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    How long before an MOT is registered with DVLA?

    Yes it is instant. My last MOT I checked the status of it while it was in getting done and could see the "PASS" showing on the website before the garage has even phoned me to say it was ready.
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    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    @Evotion there is no MT-10 Tracer and there never, ever will be. To satisfy the customers who wanted a 1000cc tracer Yamaha made the MT-10 Touring. It is literally a normal MT-10 with a tall screen, panniers, comfort seat and hand guards. Pic below for you. In terms of safety it has ABS...
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    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    @Evotion thanks! To be honest my long term plan is to keep the Suzuki and run it for another 1-2 years then get a new shape (2018) R6 track bike, so not worth spending time or money on it just now. The MT-10 is so many bikes rolled into 1, I can use it on my commute and it will be docile as you...
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    Blue "wannabe police lights" on car

    No, it's not that simple, as the car was on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD trying to overtake a stationary bus. Regardless of light colours, the car would be 100% to blame, but the biker would be 100% worse off than the car driver because they are more vulnerable. To be honest, you sound like the...
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    Blue "wannabe police lights" on car

    You would have reported him for being in his lane, within the speed limit and doing nothing wrong?! Red light or not, it takes a fraction of a second to register that the red light is coming from the front of a motorbike and not the rear of a car. People need to stop taking liberties with bikers...
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    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    Added a new toy to the stable last month. :) MT-10, love it to bits!
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    2.0 tdi lumpy idle with bad smell from exhaust/engine

    Good to know, will need to get mine done also and see if it helps. Already got VAGCOM and the tools, just need to find the time.
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    Exhaust clamp/sleeve/thingy??

    If you mean the part in the image below, then the part number is 1K0253141M
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    Bacon Sandwich.

    Change the crusty white to a brioche bun, or even better, brioche loaf and I'm all over it!
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    Engine coolant fill and bleed

    It's no different than any other engine really, but Audi recommend use of a vacuum bleeding tool as it removes the majority of air during the initial fill up of the engine, then there is minimal air left to bleed after. However you can still do it without a vacuum bleeder. Just fill up with...
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    Help Please Replace one or all control arms?

    How long is a piece of string? Our B7 A4 is on all original bushings at 12 years old & 83,000 miles. However we have just found a worn front lower, inner track arm bushing on our B8.5 A4 which turns 5 years old in October with only 21,000 miles on it. So the honest answer is no-one knows. Now...