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  1. Furkz

    So... Barcelona...

    i think they'll be ok they have 3 strikers now than can individually run a team.... they have a few midfilders than can create a goal/winning game out of thin air they have a few decent defenders, who are will try and find it difficult to stay awake. prob a good thing and gives the rest of...
  2. Furkz

    To Clean or Not to Clean?

    sounds good man, you should see the difference after your next wash and hose down also bugs fly off easier too
  3. Furkz

    My new (to me) B7 Avant

    i think if you raised the rear a little it would look better, the wheels and car etc all look good to me just needs a nose down stance
  4. Furkz

    Simple ipad mini install

    plush automotive do a setup, maybe worth looking into
  5. Furkz


    They will fit but they are **** wheels Google image search -lm reps fail
  6. Furkz

    Vinyl wrapped

    matt grey or matt rusty red would get my vote. matt black looks properly **** if its not clean. looks like a 80's bodge job
  7. Furkz

    Car Wrapping - Who should I do too?

    JD wraps are meant to be the best out there, based in Essex. some of the cars they have done are epic
  8. Furkz

    Buying a used mobile phone..... Never again

    Usual I see people scratching their balls and than using their phones, nearly enough people use their phones whilst in the toilet too. Hey guess what it's the perfect masturbation companion too.... These things on their own out me off 2nd hand phones
  9. Furkz

    What's is like driving around your town/village

    i live down south, its crazed with potholes here and general idiots who dont indicate or even worse indicate wrong on roundabouts. but mostly its the potholes.
  10. Furkz

    Wing Mirror Trick

    same as, but funnily enough i park like a boss when im driving the work car or cars who's owners dont care about the wheels
  11. Furkz

    Wing Mirror Trick

    ok no worries, ill forget about it instead, cheaper :)
  12. Furkz

    Wing Mirror Trick

    anyway to get this added?
  13. Furkz

    Wing Mirror Trick

    my mates passat does it without memory seats and its a 1998 model
  14. Furkz

    Wing Mirror Trick

    Hi guys i was reading somewhere that when you put your car in reverse the wing mirrors both automatically point downwards to the wheels to aid parking, yet my car doesn't do this. does anyone know how to activate this or set this up? many thanks
  15. Furkz

    Boooring I know...wheel fitment question

    You can get spacers with tapered centrebores too so you don't need spigots, otherwise you will. Also easy to Redrill, do it from the back to minimise damage
  16. Furkz

    Boooring I know...wheel fitment question

    yep they will be fine you can run of to a 235/35/19 tyre and even lower it on some eibach or S-Line springs with no rubbing you could even run a 12mm spacer up front if you wanted
  17. Furkz

    Taken 2

    third one is in the making, apparently
  18. Furkz

    To Clean or Not to Clean?

    i went to brands hatch one with a mate and he had a cab too, both cars were drenched in a storm and stopped raining on the way home. 30 miles later when we got home my hood was bone dry and hes was dripping
  19. Furkz

    To Clean or Not to Clean?

    worst stuff was Autoglym best stuff i ever used was RENEVO they do a cleaner and waterproofer, used both and worked really well, came up like new. obv let the cleaner completely dry and than waterproof and let it completely dry and it will look fab, when its wet it can give a diff color...