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    For Sale Audi s3 8v / Golf R Forge motorsport carbon intake and forge motorsport muffler delete.

    Forge motorsport Carbon intake with red silicone intake pipe . Comes with forge foam filter as well. Forge motorsport muffler delete . Both in very good condition and comes with every you need to fit them on to your Audi S3 8v and VW golf R . Price is £350 and can post but will be at buyers...
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    For Sale Genuine Audi S3 8v pre facelift US Spec grill

    For sale is my Genuine Audi US spec grill. For a Audi S3 8v pre facelift .This cane from a us state which requires no front plate so the grill has no plate recess or crash bar cover . Grill is finished in gloss black and apart from a few tiny stone chips it is in immaculate condition . All tabs...
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    So I’ve jumped over from 2 8p and now I’m in a 2015 8v

    As the title says I have jumped over to the 8V sode after having two 8p s3. First one was a sprint blue one running stage 2+ Second one was a Audi exclusive signal Green 8p stage one on air ride So my new one is this little beauty. 2015 Audi S3 in Misano pearl red with black pack and...
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    What discs and pads are people running ?

    so whilst cleaning my car I noticed a nasty lip on all four discs . And the pads don’t fair much better . So I’m in the market for some new ones . I have had previous trouble with discs and pads on my blue s3 about 5 year ago . I got pagid discs and pads and they lasted about a hour before the...
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    Why are the rear diffuser options so poor?

    as above really . Why are all after maket rear diffusers for the 8p poor? If you look at the new 8v ones there is loads of choice . Love the big diffuser fin look and how it juts out from the bumper. It just feels so restricted on the 8p chassis And one run a aftermarket rear diffuser ?
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    Ain’t posted in a while but got big problem

    so on way home from work last night I was doing 30mph as rain was horrific , I hit a big puddle. It was round a blind bend and had no chance to swerve . I slowed down but the water had already done it’s damage . The damage is my passenger side xenon headlight is not working at all. Every...
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    Ramair oversized air intake review

    So I noticed a couple of cracks in oem engine cover and the front snorkel... wasn't gonna bother replacing with oem as it's a waste of time as the design in my eyes is rubbish... I had a AS Performance one on my last S3 and thinking about it just can't justify £350 for another one . ITG , REVO...
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    5dr sportback to 3dr hatch parts

    will a exhaust for a 5dr fit a 3dr? Or will it require trimming . Would the rubbers be in the same location ? Good friend of mine is selling a stainless steel car back but it's from a sportback . Cheers
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    2015 A3 seats into a 2011 S3

    as above would it be possible to put 2015 A3 seats (front and rear) into a 2011 S3? Are the connectors the same for air bag and heated element ? Also are the runners the same ? The 2015 seats have lumber support is this electric ? As there is a circle with four dimples in . Is that what...
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    Well staying standard lasted 2month lol

    As the title says i lasted 2 months before i had to change something. Pretty impressed i lasted that long to be fair... So i wanted new wheels as was sick of the standard rotor wheels (now winter wheels). I tried for a good 3 weeks to get BBS RC alloy wheels to work as these are my all time...
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    Forge motorsport carbon intake for S3 8v to fit the 8p ???

    as above anyone tried to make a forge motorsport carbon intake for the 8v fit the 8p? Has to be one of the best inclosed intakes available hmmmm. Love that I need it on mine haha . Maybe run half a revo intake or similar one and cut the pipe into the forge intake hmmm Gonna be a bit of...
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    So I bought her home

    Well as the thread says I went to down to see the car I was thinking of buying . And I got it . Extremely pleased with it, it's everything I wanted . Few little niggles but nothing major . Engine cover is cracked and air intake pipe to the front bumper isn't in the best shape but will be going...
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    Puppy chewed rosstech cable help !

    as the title says my puppy has chewed my Ross tech cable . It hasn't been used for 2 year and got it out yesterday as off to buy a s3 Saturday . So I thought that I would scan the S3 before I buy it to give it the once over . But now I can't and can't afford a new lead at the moment . Think...
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    So I am back in a Audi

    Well after selling my S3 (8p) a few years back due to doing high miles I am back . First off cannot remember my login for old account so I have started a new one . Few of you might remember my car from the last time I was a member on here if not here is my sprint blue S3 8p So the new...
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    Audi main dealer price shock.(in a good way)

    Well just phoned Audi Newcastle up and have been quoted £251 for changing oil in haldex coupling and oil and filter in DSG gearbox . Seems awfully cheap so booked it in lol. I'm only 3000 miles away from 38000 so was just enquiring but at that price I thourt why not lol
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    Stage2+ complete . BIG THANKS TO R-TECH

    So after the last few mods ive had done it was off to R-tech to get Stage2+ remapping done to my car. As I have said before in other posts I will not go anywhere else for a remap other than R-tech So after a quick 30minute drive I was there as I stayed down there after having my exhaust fitted...
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    BCS Turbo Back exhaust fitted

    Well i drove the 2.5 hours down to BCS Automotive to have a full TBE exhaust fitted by these guys. I opted for the non power valve system with a 200 cell sports cat . Upon arrival i was greeted by Dave and was showed to the waiting area where nigel was. After a few cups of tea in a quite...
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    will this work on a S3 like it works on a mk6 golf

    As above will this work on the s3
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    hpfp and fmic fitted.

    Well as above its been a busy day today . first off I fitted the new Loba hpfp along with a new can follower. It was a doddle to do and requires no mechanical skill at all. Next up me and my mate set about fitting the THS fmic. This was easy enough to do just there's a lot of parts that need...
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    uprated intercooler help

    Is there a how to anywhere to show you how to install a uprated intercooler on a S3 8p