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  1. chrisash32

    Black Roof Lining....

    Morning All, Just a quick one - just about to PX my A4 and thought about the roof lining. About 18 months ago I had mine done in black flock. Just wondered if before I traded the car if anyone wanted to do a PX on it with a standard one?? Car is located in Manchester, could look to do a swap...
  2. chrisash32

    Strange Noise From A4 1.9TDi - Thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, Just after some advice if you wouldn't mind! My B6 TDi has started to make a strange loud noise when the engine is under any load. It appears to be coming from the front of the engine but I cannot pin point it. It was advised that it was my alternator pulley but this has been...
  3. chrisash32

    Another knocking noise thread :(

    Hello Everyone!! Hows it going? Had a knocking noise on my A4 Avant for about 9 months now and its gradually got worse and worse. However no one has yet been able to diagnose the problem. It has been to Audi, It has been to VW and my Local Specialist. The first time you notice it is when...
  4. chrisash32

    Lumbar Support Power

    Hi Everyone! Quick question... My lumbar support has stopped working in both my front seats. I have disconnected the blocks and found they are getting no power. I have checked the fuse box and cant see any specific fuse for this. Has any one got any ideas where the fuse is? Thanks Chris
  5. chrisash32

    My B6 Avant

    Morning All, I have only just realised I don't have a build thread on here!! So I will steal what I have put on other forums and create one here too :)
  6. chrisash32

    Uprated Clutch?

    Hi Everyone. Clutch started slipping on my A4 over the weekend. Its a 1.9TDi running at around 165hp currently with 112k on the clock. My question is, should i fit an uprated replacement clutch and if so what should I go for? Secondly, is it usual practice to replace the flywheel at the same...
  7. chrisash32

    Avant Roof Bars...

    Morning Everyone.. This is a call to all of the B6 Avant owners with roof bars.. I am now in the market to buy some roof bars for my Avant for the summer holls. The thing is.. I was walking through my local town centre yesterday and seen an Avant with very slim line roof bars!! They are just...
  8. chrisash32

    Steering wheels

    Hi All, Just a quick question. What is the 'newest' steering wheel / airbag i can fit to my B6? I quite like the look of some of the B7 wheels and wondered is there was anything that would go straight on the b6? Cheers Chris
  9. chrisash32

    Switched Live?

    Anyone know where i can pull a popper switched live from in the A4? I did have one place where i thought there was a switched behind the glove box however this doesn't really time up with the ignition. It times with locking and unlocking of the car. Thoughts anyone? Cheers! Chris
  10. chrisash32

    Thougts on new Brakes??

    Afternoon All... Well its that time where i need to replace my discs and pads! Now I don't know if many of you will agree with me here, however i think the brakes on the A4 are complete garbage!! But I am willing to accept that maybe the set I had on were just cheap rubbish. I feel they are...
  11. chrisash32

    Electrical Question..

    I have noticed recently on my A4 that when i am sat in the car with my interior light on (reading) and the engine is running, my interior light is constantly going dim and bright... this coupled with a slightly "shaky" idle.. I am beginning to wonder if there is a problem.. Any ideas guys?
  12. chrisash32

    Twin Exhaust Mod + more!

    Evening All! Not posted much on here recently but mostly because I have been up to a lot with the car! Let the photos do the talking! Just to List... 1) Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust System.. 2) SEAT Cupra front splitter 3) Gloss front grill (Top +...
  13. chrisash32

    What is the wire wrap fabric tape that Audi use?

    I am after some of the tape that Audi use to wrap the wire looms in?? I know i can but it from the dealers but it is very expensive.. Does anyone know what it is called so i can find someone selling it on ebay or similar? Thanks :)
  14. chrisash32

    Need some paintwork doing.. Recommendations in the North West?

    Hi Guys, As per tittle really... My latest mod required some stuff to be sprayed up and i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good company in the North West? Cheers Chris
  15. chrisash32

    What Wheels are these?

    Hi Everyone, Been at a show in Austria all week and fell in love with the Audi A1. Now the A1 is just too small for me, however i loved the wheels that they had on the S-Line show car. However these wheels don't seem to be available on their online configuration. They are twin colour...
  16. chrisash32

    Anyone at Worthersee this week?

    Evening All, I am heading over there at the min, stopped off in Munich tonight ready to do the last leg of the journey tomorrow.. Just wondered if anyone else from here was going? or already there? Cheers! Chris
  17. chrisash32

    2WD Exhaust Types?

    Guys, Just trying to find a donor exhaust for my TDi Avant and wondered if someone can help me. I know i cant use one that has come off a Quattro, but are there different 2WD ones or are all the 1.8T's the same regardless if its Avant, Saloon or Cab? Cheers Chris
  18. chrisash32

    12v Socket in Boot

    Hi everyone! Hows it going? Has anyone experienced issues with the 12v socket in the boot of the A4 Avant? Mine doesn't seem to work at all.. Checked the fuse etc etc all is fine. But just not getting any power at all from the socket.... Is there something else between here the fuse that...
  19. chrisash32

    Stunning B6 Avant infront of me this morning in Irlam!

    Morning all! Was off to our other office today so had the longer trip to work. Came off the M60 and spotted a stunning B6 Avant in green in front of me. 1.9 TDi but with twin outlets (sounds awesome!). Also larger wheels and over all in top condition.. Got behind a bit further up and...
  20. chrisash32

    Paint Corrosion

    Hi Everyone, Just in the middle of a fight with Audi over the paint on my car and trying to get a warranty claim on it. I am getting lots of bubbles in the paint from the inside out, kind of star shaped about anything upto a 5p coin in size. I have another appointment tomorrow morning...