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  1. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Audi S3 Ibis white BE build thread

    its more likely to happen very soon as my wife doesnt like driving the honda ;). Must admit I am not a big fun either!
  2. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Audi S3 Ibis white BE build thread

    You guessed it right :P. Either mk1 rs3 or a new S3 as the new 2.0tfsi lump is a brilliant tuning platform from what I gathered. Watch this space!
  3. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Audi S3 Ibis white BE build thread

    My Audi S3 is now sold due to sorting out money towards a house. I were looking at a gti, Type R, Focus St but ended up with Civic 1.8 EX :). For now decided to go reliability route until all is sorted with the mortgage. Its nearly impossible to find something decent with limited budget but will...
  4. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Audi S3 Ibis white BE build thread

    Decided to strip my car and sell the bits, new house force sale pushes me to get rid of the car and put money down towards depost: Please find all the parts in the Trade section:
  5. RedDejavu

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    I have some BT/Stage 2+ for sale: TTS cover and bolts: £65 + delivery REVO Ceramic intake: £270 (year on a car) +delivery, normal wear and tear marks. Torqbyte PM3 Controller + VAG PnP connector! : £360 +delivery(Brand new, comes with 40A + wires TTRS LPFP fuel pump: £220 (BRAND NEW, never...
  6. RedDejavu

    Boost Gauge Vent Fitted

    how much did it set you back if dont mind asking?
  7. RedDejavu

    RS3 LPFP and control module retrofit

    this might help buddy:
  8. RedDejavu

    TTRS LPFP fitting question - please advise

    Hi There guys. I've got myself few parts recently and willing to slowly fit them in. I want start with LFPF & Torqbyte PM3 controller, watched this video: The guy says you have to swap the TTRS pum sender over with the OEM pump? Is it something I have to do on AWD cars? Also what would...
  9. RedDejavu

    My 400bhp Sprint Blue Sportback S3

    Why dont you get PM3 controller? It will sort out the rs3 intank fuel pump issues :)
  10. RedDejavu

    LPFP upgrade?

    TTRS pump + PM3 controller :). This is what I just bought. Similar price however most OEM solution.
  11. RedDejavu

    Which is the best service oil for s3 8P?

    5w30 or 5w40 if Stage2 and above
  12. RedDejavu

    Planning to get remap! London area!

    This is why APR is a better choice, they listen to what clients say and deliver variety of products instead going niche projects and atm their stage2+ handles most hybrids too however custom mapping will always give that little extra.
  13. RedDejavu

    Planning to get remap! London area!

    Thanks Steve for you input however most people are now looking into hybrid market whether its 8p or 8V for a simple reason that its an easy step forward without taking the engine apart and tbh hybrids become more and more affordable (competitive) everyday. However when I called Revo asking about...
  14. RedDejavu

    Planning to get remap! London area!

    APR or custom map even though I run Revo map atm but their interest in 8p platform have faded away so no more support for such upgrades like hybrid turbos or revised maps etc. Also had my DSG revo stage 1 mapped and must say its not that great in terms of gear changes, yes it works better with...
  15. RedDejavu

    Boost gauge ideas for my s3

    probably most advanced gauge out there and allows other nice options like EGT and 0-60 times.
  16. RedDejavu

    Strange pop from cone when coming off rev's?

    DV valve revision D, nothing to worry about mate
  17. RedDejavu

    350bhp how easy

    Also to consider water injection and IC if you want consistent power
  18. RedDejavu

    Imola Yellow Audi S3 - APR - TTE420 - Audi Tuner Featured April '16

    This is what I'm getting and they also offered me some discount so cant say no, and its much neater solution than anything else on the market atm.
  19. RedDejavu

    Imola Yellow Audi S3 - APR - TTE420 - Audi Tuner Featured April '16

    Thats true I'm not that sure about rs4 injector unless going for big power over 420-440 so might just get 155bar fuel valve instead. TTRS lpfp is your safe bet I presume. Ordering Torqbyte controller soon so that everything stays oem without overheating/priming issues.
  20. RedDejavu

    RS3.....worth the premium over the S3?

    or a nice GT-R/focus RS...