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    Replacing Broken Clutch Pedal - How to Guide (with pics)

    And I'm guessing the clutch switch is for cruise control as my agu hasn't got one?
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    Replacing Broken Clutch Pedal - How to Guide (with pics)

    Thanks for this, great guide. Done It the other day due to mine snapping. I welded mine up and had to sand down the white clip to get it to fit but found it pritty straight forward. Happy days :)
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    What have you done today?

    Today I've snapped my clutch pedal and then thought about which car I'm going to buy next as I'm sick of the audi :(
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    Retro Food...

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    Alternator belt keeps breaking

    Right I recently changed my alternator/fan belt due to it squealing. Fitted a new one and realised a slight nock. Sprayed it up with wd40 as i thought the belt was try or whatever. About 50 miles down the road the outside of the belt ripped. I thought it was down to me not getting the belt...
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    Sunderland fan in need of help!

    It was hardly a headbutt. he pushed his head against the other blokes.
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    Sunderland fan in need of help!

    That Alan Pardew crack is stupid! It was barely a headbutt in my eyes lol. I'd love to see how everyone would react if he done it properly!
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    Sunderland fan in need of help!

    hahahha unlucky ;)
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    AGU fan belt?

    Recently my fan belts been squealing and doing my head in so i ordered one from euros which is a 6PK 1120. Its far too short and its only ribbed on one side. It comes up a 1195 but i think that'll be too short too. Any ideas on the one I need? The one I've taken off is ribbed on both sides.
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    Uneven brake disc wear

    Any ideas?
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    Uneven brake disc wear

    I changed the pads on the Audi a few months ago. Last month I noticed the offside brake was only wearing on half the disk on the outside. I took the discs and pads off and sanded them both down. Copper slipped the sliders and everything back up but now its doing exactly the same thing. Could it...
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    The Black Widow

    Very nice!
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    Audi RS & S Models - New Theft Warning :-(

    Wouldn't we all lol
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    who here is '' GYM'N '' it?

    Yeah but if i eat too much i worry about putting alot of fat on lol. I'm around 12 stone atm but I'm only 5'8 so not too bad. I love training, about half a hour after I leave the gym I want to go back haha
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    who here is '' GYM'N '' it?

    I'm the opposite, I train hard but struggle to eat enough lol
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    who here is '' GYM'N '' it?

    I have 2 protein shakes daily. Eat mostly chicken, eggs, steak and veg that has decent protein in like broccolli and green beans. You want to be aiming for 1.2grams of protein to every pound of body weight. Having said that bulking is all about calories in vs calories out. Usually about 2800 -...
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    who here is '' GYM'N '' it?

    I love going to the gym. I'm addicted. I find it makes me feel alot better after a good gym session but if a skip a day I feel guilty lol.
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Not the best example of a A3 but here's mine: :)
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    I think I've saw this list before and I think this list was made for the average cost of repairs
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    what previous hot hatches have you had??

    Saxo 1.1 Beast! lol Mk4 golf GTI 1.8 Mk3 golf GTI 2.0