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  1. Marc1

    DTM register / owners thread

    Anyone want to sell me their front lip spoiler? :frown new:
  2. Marc1

    DTM register / owners thread

    That looks awesome and perfect plate.
  3. Marc1

    LED tail light replacements

    What's on your avant now (OEM)? I really can't make my mind up on those LED's, which is why I'm also looking at whether replacing the bulbs themselves for LED's in the OEM units may be a good option.
  4. Marc1

    LED tail light replacements

    Cheers mate. I've seen some of Trups work actually, top bloke. I don't know whether to just buy some LED's and give them a try. What's everyone's opinions on the aftermarket LED complete light units? They seem to change the styles often. I'd want something as close to an OEM style as...
  5. Marc1

    LED tail light replacements

    Hi guys, have any of you replaced the bulbs in the tail lights with LeD's? If so, any pictures to share? I've searched and searched, but apologies if there are other threads on this topic. I know you can get replacement tail light units by the likes of Decane, etc but I can not make my mind up...
  6. Marc1

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    ^ got any more pics mate? It likes stunning. The wheels appear go have a dish on them like OEM RS4 alloys and the side skirts make it look like an RS4 in the pictures. In still not sure if it is actually an RS4, lol. Either way it looks great. Did you get the alloys painted in Audi titanium?
  7. Marc1

    RS4 rear anti roll bar

    An old thread I know and a mod a lot of have visited several times, myself included. Wondered if anyone had the 22mm RS4 rear ARB for sale if they were selling the car or upgrading to aftermarket ARB's etc. if so please drop me a PM. Cheers
  8. Marc1

    Engine Cover

    I have this cover available if you want it James, drop me a PM. :salute:
  9. Marc1

    RS4 Exhaust (B7 into a B6)

    Remember this one. Has he put it up for sale recently? Looks like a good car.
  10. Marc1


    James, looks like the new engine is holding up then. 150 is just about run in :icon_thumright: there's some good figures on here but if you have a scout around there was a few B6's with over 500k on them :rock: Sold my b6 just before 150 and it was smooth and well behaved.
  11. Marc1

    will rs4 19" genuine alloys fit on 2004 s4 cab

    That sits well. The reps look to have the dish right too from here, unlike the majority of reps and A3 8P and A4 B7 S Line wheels. OEM B7 RS4's are 9" wide BTW and they do stick out too far for a B6 sadly - some people do still run then on B6 A4 and S4's but they stick out too far. The VMR...
  12. Marc1

    Looking for a good 1.9TDI or 1.8T (190) quattro

    Hi chaps, it's been a while since I've been on here. Am potentially looking to get back into a B6, ideally a 1.9 TDI quattro sport but looking at the 1.8T's too - just the dreaded sludge worry puts me off slightly. Same with the 2.5TDI's too, cracking motor, but I know a few have had issues...
  13. Marc1

    RS4 seems to have died

    How do you check the alternator is charging the battery? I have the same problem at the moment :ermm:
  14. Marc1

    2.8 V6 Exhaust

    Have an RS4 exhaust up for grabs if you're interested? :eyebrows:
  15. Marc1

    A4 owners - do this today and save yourself over £150!

    James, One year on and your thread is still helping others. :icon_thumright:
  16. Marc1

    Collected RS4 Avant Yesterday - First Pics

    Lol, just posted a pic of your car from SRS in the B6 forum here: Hope you don't mind. Know you like a bit of pic whoring though :p
  17. Marc1

    iphone into the car

    Depends how much you want to spend. Cheap I-Trip for music Basic Parrot or Nokia from Ebay for handsfree Expensive Parrot MKi9200 music and handsfree Dension Gateway 500 (think it's the 500 that does everything) Audi OEM Bluetooth and Ipod cable
  18. Marc1

    Wheel Colour

    Definately Gunmetal. Think the Audi colour is Titan or Titanum. Look superb against the Avus. Image taken from another Audi forum. :thumbsup: