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  1. kiter

    Hi Don't know if you remember but did a bit of VCDS for me on my old A4 B6 that had airbag...

    Hi Don't know if you remember but did a bit of VCDS for me on my old A4 B6 that had airbag lights on. Its now gone thankfully...…. Wonder if you still have VCDS as we have just fitted a genuine audi towbar to my dad's Q3 and will need to get them coded. Just wondered if you were interested...
  2. kiter

    Tyre Wear A4 1.4TFSi

    If they are over inflated then they have been like this since the car was collected back in april, pretty sure dealer did a health check at the end of June when I got the audi dash cam fitted too. I'll check the pressures tomorrow in day light. I make a lot of use of the adaptive cruise so in...
  3. kiter

    Tyre Wear A4 1.4TFSi

    Hey folks, got a bit of a shock today, giving the car a once over and notice my front tyres are already on the limit. Car has only done 8k and I'm genuinely not hard on the right foot, average consumption over last 6k is sitting at 43.9mpg and that's a mix of town and open roa. Never had tyres...
  4. kiter

    Long delays for new orders due to WLTP emissions testing

    Sorry all the details are on their stock list - Daytona grey with tech pack and V spoke alloys.
  5. kiter

    Long delays for new orders due to WLTP emissions testing

    Don't know if it is of any interest to anyone but Aberdeen Audi are currently advertising a brand new A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0 stronic for £34090 if you use Audi Finance, don't know what colour or options are on it.
  6. kiter

    Long delays for new orders due to WLTP emissions testing

    Will 100% be a facelift if it is not built yet, only cars now that wont be facelift are stock cars and from what I have seen this month at various new car compounds the stock is dwindling and choice limited. Having said that some cracking deals if you are willing to take a stock car before...
  7. kiter

    Poor MPG 1.4 auto Avant

    Mine just hit 5k today and overall my long term average is 42.2. I drove to Aberdeen yesterday and the average for the trip was 48.7mpg. Do find driving in town it will dip a fair bit though. Climate Control on auto and the stop start kicks in very frequently. Overall really pleased with the car...
  8. kiter

    Drivers storage compartment retrofit

    yep, me too if there is a group buy
  9. kiter

    any things to look out for when picking up used S4

    You may have an aftermarket tracker fitted - I got one of those Vodafone cards when I fitted a tracker to my defender recently, worth finding out from dealer if they have any info. Might just be a case of getting subscription renewed if it has expired.
  10. kiter

    Long delays for new orders due to WLTP emissions testing

    Complete shambles on VAG's part, few of my mates work as salesmen and they are struggling, lots of cancelled orders and grumpy customers (I'd be the same)as a result of this. There will be some bargains between now and end of August as any non WLTP compliant vehicles have to be registered by...
  11. kiter

    Genuinely lost for words................

    I was with Budget Insurance (says it all really) with the insurance being provided by Highway. You wont believe that I have just re arranged the insurance with another broker for £12 less a year and guess who the insurance is provided by, yep Highway. I made sure the agent was fully aware of...
  12. kiter

    Genuinely lost for words................

    I've still not quite got my head around this...…… got my Audi UTR (dash cam) fitted today, very neat and looks good, seems to work really well so far. Decided I would call my insurance company to let them know this had been done, hoping it might favourably reflect in my current premium. How...
  13. kiter

    Long delays for new orders due to WLTP emissions testing

    From what 2 dealers have told me, anything that is not now built is going to be much later in 2018 and most likely into 2019 before they arrive with customers and they will all be 2019MY with the minor facelift and whatever extra tech gets added as has been talked about in other posts.
  14. kiter

    Interpretation of live traffic info on Audi Navigation

    A few weeks back on my way home from Aberdeen there was a road closure and it came up on google maps as a red hatched stretch of road with road closed signs at either end of where the closure was. It was pretty damn accurate and very quick to appear, given that it was a vehicle on fire that had...
  15. kiter

    Extended LED lighting - footwell lighting

    yeah I've done that and I can brighten dim the footwell settings but not an option to turn individual ones on or off. Its in for the UTR next week so they can investigate when its in with them.
  16. kiter

    A5 S Line front mud flaps

    Got a set of genuine A5 Sline front mud flaps, didn't read the advert correctly on ebay so they don't fit my A4, still boxed with all fittings and instructions £30.00 posted. Part No is 8W6 075 116, says they only fit the coupe.
  17. kiter

    Extended LED lighting - footwell lighting

    Not been driving in the dark much this last while but I was last night and noticed that there doesn't appear to be any footwell lighting in the front passenger side of my car, driver side and both rear footwells all have it, before I make a fool of myself at the dealers and ask for this to be...
  18. kiter

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Not sure how accurate this is but I was told the only new models that can be ordered/built at present are new A7 and advance orders for the new A6, everything else is on hold due to WLTP and the 2019 model changes, only option if you want it quicker is current stock vehicles already built or on...
  19. kiter

    Audi UTR for £299

    bit the bullet and booked in for a front camera to be fitted, having to wait a few weeks for a slot as they need it all day. Did look at the blackvue and have just fitted one in the defender for the upcoming overseas trip but the quality of fitting I have seen at our local halfords put me right...
  20. kiter

    New A4 Order - Dying of Excitement

    Nearly same spec as me except mine ibis white and I went for driver assistance pack instead of comfort and sound. You will love it. I have the rotor grey interior and really pleased I went for it, for me the black was too much with the black roof lining and piano black trim. Depending on what...