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    A3 1.8t can sensor fault

    hi all, I’ve recently developed a code p0343 camshaft position sensor A - Bank 1. Circuit high input. só car struggles to start but starts on 2/3 attempt. Drives fine plenty of power throughout the range. A mate of mine said these had an issue with crank sensors which stopped it from starting so...
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    looking at getting an isofix kit for my a4 Avant anyone know who I can speak to for help? Thanks
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    A3 1.8t map sensor issues

    hi all Need some major help! After I got my car mapped everything was working fine until I started driving home and had no boost and started hesitating so I drove it back to have it checked and came back with code p0238. Got a new sensor put in today and plugged it to vagcom to clear the code...
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    Cold air intake advice

    hey guys, I've almost finished my temporary ko4 conversion (temp cause I need to get a manifold made for bigger turbo!!) I'm looking for advice on the best cold air intake on the 1.8t engines. I currently have the s2000 air filter but was thinking of getting the itg maxogen. Any...
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    1.8t A3 intercooler help

    Hey all, I bought a direnza fmic kit from eBay from a private seller which was still new, he said it wasn't for his car. Needless to say I got it for good price! I've gone to fit it and fits ok I suppose however the pipe that comes out of the turbo didn't have the n75 nipple for the valve and...
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    A3 AUM advice

    hey all, Just after some professional modder advice! I've got my a3 1.8t with the aum engine. Things on my list which I've already purchased are the alloys (which need refurbing) and a fmic and the sai delete. I would like to know in terms of braking what sort of systems do you guys use or...
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    Fmic question

    hey all, Have you guys ever heard of these fmic kits on eBay? They are made by toyo Motorsport? Are they any good and has anyone here used them before? FMIC AUDI A3 A4 A6 TT 20V 1.8T TURBO INTERCOOLER AND PIPING KIT 550x140x65 BLACK Thanks John
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    a3 to s3 body kit conversion

    Hi all, I wanted to get my a3 to look same as an s3. What parts do I need exactly? I found a company in Sheffield that does custom body kits to look like the s3 but says I will need headlights so I wasn't sure. My Audi is a 2006 a3 3dr thanks
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    A3 2.0T FSI Quattro Steering Issue

    Hi all, I need some advice... I have noticed with my car if I want to turn the steering wheel quickly I can feel a slight resistance spot when turning? Is this normal? I am not familiar with Audis so not 100% sure because it stops me from turning fast. Thanks John
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    Audi Tuning Specialists

    Hi all, I need some help as I am new to the Audi Tuning scene. My A3 is a 2.0 TFSI Quattro 3dr. I am unsure on what to do firs to it! I have come across a company called AMD Technik. Are they any good? has anyone ever used them before? What is done on a Stage 1 and stage 2 etc? May be a stupid...
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    Headgasket failure?

    Hi all, I bought my audi a3 2.0t fsi quattro on 30th May 2014 with 58k on the clock. After i had purchased it i noticed the expansion bottle looked black so me and a colleague of mine (we work for honda) decided to remove it and give it a good clean. On cleaning i noticed what looked like rust...
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    A3 2.0t fsi new owner

    Hi all, I finally got my a3 2.0t fsi quattro s line over the weekend! So happy absolutely love everything about it! Obvious being a car enthusiast first things im going to do is repair all scratches and scrapes so the paint work is mint! As im knew to audi I wanted to know if these engines...
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    buyer advice

    Hi all, I am hoping to purchase an audi a3 2.0t fsi quattro s line 2006 with 58k full audi history from new. I wanted to know what sort of things I should looking out for when going to see this car. Any common faults? Thanks John
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    Headlight problem

    Hi all i have an issue with my headlights. I fitted some led sidelight bulbs and for some reason the fuse blew so I replaced. Now I found that the headlights are not working at all? Checked fuses and they seen fine. Could this be the headlight switch? thanks
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    Help with a few decisions

    Hi folks i am here to ask for expert advice on my a3 1.8t. I wanted to know which air filter/induction kit people would consider the best for these cars in terms of power gains? And best place for mapping? sorry if this has been covered before but I have limited time to come on here as I have...
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    Braking by itself!!

    Hi my Audi has started playing up recently! I'm driving roughly 15-20mph and the car will heavy brake by it self which causes it to skid. Luckily I'm going slow because if it happened whilst on the motorway could lead to a huge accident!! has any one come across this fault? any help is...
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    New to Audi

    Hi all im fairly new to Audi only just got my a3 1.8t yesterday and loving it. Can anyone tell me what are the best tuning performance wise bits that I can/should do to improve performance? For eg best induction kit or exhaust kits? also the LCD in the dash seems to fade at times on the top...
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    hi all new to vag family!

    hi all, i am new to audi and i have recently just purchased an audi a3 1.8t :) i have a slight issue though the lcd screen is fading on the top therefore its faulty and needs a new one can anyone or does anyone know if there is anything i can do to cure it instead of splashing hundreds on a new...