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  1. Retroman

    Halogen DRL wiring loom plus attaching bulb plug

    Attempting to fit LED bulb replacements and unfortunately the loom wiring attached to the offside plug (which plugs into the PS19W bulb) has come detached. Is anyone breaking an A3 and as a result has the loom end of the wiring - see pictures attached. Good money awaits :welcoming:
  2. Retroman

    Check your sump plug

    Recently did my annual engine oil change and thought I'd treat the old girl to a new sump plug as well. When I bought the new one (on the left) Audi assured me that it should have a washer - which mine didn't :sadlike: Moral of the story - if you do DIY oil changes, check and change your sump...
  3. Retroman

    Error code reader recommendation

    My old OBD II reader does not work on my Audi although it works fine on my wife’s newer Mini. I’m looking for something simple and relatively inexpensive. I think the full VCDS system is rather expensive and probably does a lot more than I need. My requirement is simply to read error codes...
  4. Retroman

    Help – removing rear door lock/central locking actuator

    My rear nearside door is suffering from the well-known VAG lock issue and I want to remove it. I’ve “surveyed” the job and can remove the door card etc. but the problem is trying to detach the lock from the lever on the door handle. One or two online sources for Audis (not my particular model)...