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    RNSE 8P to aftermarket HU help

    Hey, I'm sure it has been covered before but couldn't pin point answer. I'm changing an a3 8p RNSE to a aftermarket pioneer. I've realised I'll need a harness adapter. The car has boss also. What exactly do I need in order to get the HU working and all bose speakers and amp connected? I've...
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    Rear TT springs on S3 8L

    My coilovers on the rear are completely seized and are sitting to low for my liking. I know it is impossible to find aftermarket springs in a set of 2. Has anyone lowered there S3 8L using Audi TT springs with red dots as I here these are 20mm lower. Had a search but couldn't find much. Thanks
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    Leaking fuel hose/filter

    So car has been smelling of fuel, and poor start up in the morning, realised I have a leak coming from fuel filter / fuel hose. Getting sorted on Tuesday. Doesn't seem to have affected performance but will the car be okay running for a few days? I'm tempted to park up as slightly dangerous if...
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    Stage 1 wanting stage 2

    That's interesting never thought of it in that aspect. Will have to invest in a jetex at the same time.
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    Stage 1 wanting stage 2

    I've used the s2000 filter cones over the past year but is the jetex cone better? I know it looks better. Cheers for feedback.
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    Stage 1 wanting stage 2

    Thanks for feedback. I'd probably agree with you will order badger tip with metal turbo attachment. Is there a massive gain over a standard silicone size? I have heard great things about it. I will need to remap up here as I stay in Scotland. A place called ecotune it's the best you can get up...
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    Stage 1 wanting stage 2

    My car is currently at 265bhp on stage 1 APR software with cat back only. I'm wondering what mod to do next, intercooler, decat Downpipe or 80mm tip? (Currently have silicone standard size tip) I will then stage 2 once these mods are all added,just wandering what will be best to order next? Also...
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    fitting intercooler

    planning on buying a welly intercooler and fitting kit via ebay, I know the correct sizes for intercooler itself and piping required. I am not bad with tools so have a rough idea, is it relatively easy, I know its a front bumper off job. If someone who has fitted it DIY before could give me...
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    Blanking inlet hose

    Just had the car mapped stage 1, night and day. I have PCV delete, my inlet manifold is blanked off with a socket, with the higher boost it has popped out even with a jubilee clip, so looking for a blanking grommet. Does anyone know the size of this outlet? Thanks
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    APR map

    I have my S3 8L amk in for an APR stage 1 map next week (ecotune)..... just wanted to see if anyone elsewas running the APR map and their thoughts? I know they have a good reputation and I also have a friend with a stage 1 8P APR map that really impressed me. Thanks
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    Intercooler - what I need

    That's a great help thank you. Looks good mate.
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    Intercooler - what I need

    Apologies on not stating model, s3 8l AMK
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    Intercooler - what I need

    I know there's hundreds of threads on this but couldn't quite pin point my questions. I'm looking at universal intercoolers, I know what sizes are available, and most people go for the larger size and get rid of the crash bar. I'm just curious as to what hoses I need? Is it just the 2 lower...
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    Number plate holders

    Sorry for the boring thread but honestly can't make my mind up. Number plate surrounds, yes or no? What's the most popular choice.
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    Seized coilovers

    Car came with the coilovers on so I'm assuming the last owner hadn't.
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    Seized coilovers

    So got my car with coilovers, the back sits to low, I have 25mm spacers on the rear and with 2 people or more in back the car just scrapes and exhaust system clips nearly everything. I tried to raise the coilovers but they are completely seized. I tried wd40 penetrating oil, wire brush and extra...
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    Low boost, back to normal after on/off

    Hi badger, yeah this is the only code I now have after plugging n249 electronically. If I delete the 17705 code it comes back about a week later. When I turn the car on when cold (done this past few days) it will only Boost to 0.2 bar max. Even once it gets to full temp. If I take key out of...
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    Low boost, back to normal after on/off

    Thanks for reply. I have recently plugged in the n249 and deleted the code but does seem to come Back. I had a boost leak test done a month or so ago that came back pretty much perfect. Could be dirt in TB? I do need to change my OEM hose to silicone.
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    Low boost, back to normal after on/off

    Started the car Upto today, hadn't driven in about a day or so as I usually use everyday on several journeys. Anyway, once the car was running at optimised temperature, I noticed the car would not boost past 0.2 bar, felt extremely slow and I could hear the waste hate was alot quieter due to...
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    Difference 8l and 8p mirrors

    I received a set of mirrors of I believe a b6 2004 a4, I thought they would fit my s3 8l as honestly look identical, even on the base etc for fire ment. But I now believe the b6 shares mirrors with the 8p? I'm assuming they do not fit even though they look so similar on close inspection, if...