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    rear calliper small brake line - a3 3.2 2004

    Thanks for the part number ahtcap, will give Audi Oxford a go tomorrow morning
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    rear calliper small brake line - a3 3.2 2004

    I'm gonna go to my local garage tomorrow. Thought it might be an off the shelf part, bec connector on the hose end doesn't look like a standard brake line connector, looks audi specific. Cheers
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    rear calliper small brake line - a3 3.2 2004

    Thanks for the input. I should of been more explicit, the caliper is fine, and so is the caliper end of the line. The brake line sheared at point where it joins with the flexi pipe. All I need is the short brake line, about 3 inches in length.
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    rear calliper small brake line - a3 3.2 2004

    Hi guys. Need some help, was taking off the passenger side calliper today, and the small metal brake line that connects the flexy to the calliper has sheared off. Any ideas where I can find this part? tried ebay and europcarparts with no luck. The part in question is similar to the one in this...
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    2009 rear lights on 2004 3dr A3

    Thanks for the input mate, that's what I thought too. Hopefully someone can be along to confirm soon. Thanks
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    2009 rear lights on 2004 3dr A3

    Hi, As per title, I know its probably been done before, but can't find and answer regarding if its a straight swap, or if new wiring is needed or coding. Can anyone shed some light into this if wanting to fit 2009/my lights on a 2004 3dr A3? Thanks
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    P1340 and P1347 fault codes A3 3.2 Quattro 2006

    I would defo do sensors first. I had a camshaft pos sensor code and crank sensor code on my 04 3.2. I was dreading chain issues too. Changed crank sensor myself for something like £80 for an OEM one, and it cured both codes.
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    P1340 and P1347 fault codes A3 3.2 Quattro 2006

    What is your engine code? As far as I know, only 04 and 05 3.2's were susceptible to chain failure ?
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    Rear brake upgrade!

    Refurb Callipers as someone asked:
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    A3 3.2 8P1

    I've had similar experience with Audi Newbury and Audi Oxford. Phone operators being clueless, and hard to convince to look up the numbers since there were no upgrades flagged for my car..... DOH Gave up TBH. Does the remap make a huge difference?
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    Timing chain rattle

    It is rattly till oil is circulated to it. Makes sense to do it only in the morning, bec all the oil drains back in the pan overnight. But if its worryingly loud, or changed in loudness recently I would have it checked up.
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    A3 3.2 Manual hard to get in gear at high revs

    Hmm, I would check the brake fluid reservoir and the master cylinder. Clutch uses same fluid reservoir as the brake. Another thing that springs to mind is the clutch release bearing.
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    Crankshaft Position Sensor Error

    Hi. I have the same thing on my 3.2 . Let me know if changing the crank sensor cures it. Cheers and good luck
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    TVS / VR6 Specialist Offer

    This sounds really interesting. What is the offer? what remaps do they do. and what price can we get?
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    Advice for vr6 turbo

    Head over to, loads of info on different turbos and superchargers for the 3.2 vr6. There is a whole section on the forum dedicated to charging, and a few knowledgeable folk on the matter on there. I'm afraid its quite an expensive process, with kits starting at 3-4k before you...
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    3.2 Dying at junctions...?

    I had the exact same problem on my 3.2 when my MAF was playing up. Carefully cleaning the MAF has sorted it, and hasn't been back since(touch wood).
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    Camshaft positioned bank 1 slow response

    My 3.2 has a code for camshaft sensor too. but it has never caused my engine to stall. As far as I know its not normal, I would look at the crank sensor, as that would cause it to stall
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    Error code p0348 A3 3.2 04

    Thanks for the link, didn't find that website while searching. Other sites I researched the code indicated a bigger spectrum of possible causes, one of which being the MAF, and since it has played up before, I thought that's the first one to check. But rosstech website seems pretty sure its just...